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03 May 2007


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I just have plain old "refresh", no "refresh periodically".....

E. Hamilton

How bad is the Muzzik torture, this time?


how about "I Know I'll Never EAT this way again"


Foreshadowing "this is our final teleconference"

E. Hamilton

So, pretty bad then, hang in there!

Some have survived even the dread "Macarthur Park", with minimal brain damage.


Does anyone know where I can access the list of corporations who own pet food companies? Thanks.


I need some help here.

Cleo, my 17 yo kitty with thyroid problems, is at the vet now and it's iffy if she'll survive.

She's got 104.9 temp with a raging UTI. The Dr says there is considerable blood in her urine, it has a very strange smell but also, there is something in there that he can't identify.

This is the SECOND cat he has seen today with this.

Does anyone know what happens to these crystals that form in the kidneys from the melamine-tainted food? Does the cats system try to expel them?

God, I'm at a loss here and so afraid I won't be bringing her home alive again. But I've asked him to send the labs out to identify what that strange thing is that is showing up in her urine.

God I hope this isn't the start of another trend.

Can someone ask the vets at the PC about this - specifically, what are they seeing in recovering animals?


Sharon, you might want to refer your vet to this site, asap.



Sharon: are you member of any Yahoo pet groups, like here:


that you can post that to?....


Nice to see the FDA actually having to work for change.


No, mike, I'm not. I applied for membership at a yahoo crf site but never got a responding e-mail.

Kim, he knows about all this and has contended that Cleo's issues are elderly ones that "might" have been exacerbated by the spoiled pet foods. Maui, my 16 yo cat was treated for poisoning with him 6 weeks ago.

E. Hamilton

Now Gina, the eyes watching will bust you for gambling! But the idea of FDA media events as a blood sport may catch on!


FDA responds "Good question, will investigate."

Are you kidding? Maybe we should prepare a list for them to investigate (proactively).


Sharon try the feline-crf-info yahoogroup. The list owner is Helen who created and maintains Tanya's CRF site. www.felinecrf.org

Helen has always been a wonderful source of information.

Lisa C

One of the independent labs that's been testing pet food for people should start testing some common PEOPLE food with protein concentrate in it. I'm not sure that I trust the FDA's investigative skills at this point!


Do they not understand that some people eat chicken every single day? And that when we're not eating chicken, we're eating eggs? And that we're feeding our PETS chicken? grrrr


I sure agree with Lisa's statement


Kim, I'll see that grrrr and raise ya one.

Dilution effect my patootie.

E. Hamilton

I am not sure ANYONE should trust the FDA’s investigative skills, but the boys can spin like a Sufi dancer, can't they?

Gina Spadafori

Sharon, our vets cannot recommend treatment for your kitty. It's just not something we can do without a vet-patient relationship. You're going to need to keep working with your own veterinarians for your pet's best care.

The VIN page referenced above does offer a lot of background info, for you and your veterinarian, both.


Sharon, the melamine crystals are present in urine as well as the urinary system itself; link to pictures was posted elsewhere on this site. The crystals are roughly circular and show a spoke-like pattern radiating out from the middle under a microscope, per description at that link.

Keep pushing that vet.


As Kim pointed out we only hear about the dilution effect and NOT the accumulation effect.


"What tests have you run on the humans that have eaten the chickens that have eaten the "diluted" chicken tainted with Melamine, crynic acid and the other two chemicals?"

Will you be tracking the humans who ate this chicken to see if they show any symptoms?

I'm pissed at this, "We are sure it's fine, but we won't tell you who ate it and test them."

That is not science, that is guess work based on hope.

Why won't they tell us the names again of the chicken companies? Did they cut a deal with them to NOT reveal their names?


This dilution effect might be real, but they have no scientific testing on people who ate the poultry to PROVE it's okay. This is just guess work.


Comment by spocko — May 3, 2007 @ 1:45 pm

"Why won’t they tell us the names again of the chicken companies?"

Trying to avoid nation wide panic would be my guess.

They're in deep doo-doo no matter how you look at it.

Never mind the deep ca-ca they'll find themselves in if the human food chain has has been compromised. Which I find incredibly difficult to believe has not.



I just posted that on two of my Yahoo pet groups, but they don't respond usually very quickly...gina can give you my e-addrsss, or she can give me yours, and if there's any responses i'll send them to you. but like gina said, most of those dvm's on the Yahoo groups also are pretty much the same way....



8 percent??? Dilution effect my a**


Sharon, good luck to you. My 10 year old cat got sick from the tainted food 6 weeks ago and I had to put her to sleep. My 8 year old cat is so far fine as well as my 5 year old dog. Your story is exactly what I've been dreading for weeks since putting my first cat down. To have to go through all that again is my worst nightmare. Atleast now the country's vets seem to know more about it and how best to treat it (fluids & antibiotics). My poor kitty didn't have a chance. They didn't even know what was causing the kidney failure then.


Ally. As someone said, they are positioning this in such a way so that it poses "little risk to humans." can we have a second opinion? Can you please point us to the studies that this poses little risk?" No. Then it is all just conjecture on their part. Now it MIGHT be informed conjecture, but it is based on assumptions that not everyone may agree with.

I want a second opinion from someone who is NOT the FDA or the Pet Food person.

Gina Spadafori

It is interesting that they're willing to ASSUME the "dilution effect" makes pork and chicken safe, but the deaths of pets are ALLEGED until scientifically confirmed.


Acheson, making "dilution factor" his version of "weapons of mass destruction". And we all know how accurate THAT was!


Gina - agreed.

Good point.


Hogs ate the contaminated food--they tested hog pee and found melamine--People ate contaminated hogs---would make good sense to then test people pee, right?


Okay so the WSJ gets to ask multiple questions, why not Christie?


It's "Spin" - pure spin and indoctrination and lies and trying to keep the lid on when obviously it was blown weeks ago. Who believes thier lies anymore?

Not even the news media it appears.

Gina Spadafori

Because they're the WALL STREET JOURNAL, silly. There's always a caste system. :)


Spocko - we have it. one of the Drs working WITH the USDA says that long-term health effects are a concern.



From that last link...

As more contaminated human and pet food products are found daily, the biggest unknown remains the long-term health effects from eating food laced with industrial chemicals, doctors and researchers said Tuesday.

"That is one thing people are still concerned about -- long-term effects -- and we still don't know the answer to that," said Dr. Wilson Rumbeiha, a pathologist with Michigan State University's Center for Population and Animal Health. Rumbeiha is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on the pet food contamination.


When the food rots on the shelves then maybe the FDA will take notice - until then, it's business as usual.


Since we are getting poetic and musical...

Who is old enough to remember "The Graduate" ?

Remember when Mr. Robinson gave Dustin Hoffman's character a stock tip?

"one word, 'plastics'."


I was reluctant to do this, but am I going to have to call all the chicken farms in Indiana?

They can ask the FDA all day, but they aren't going to tell you. Their message is, "It's fine."

Okay that is out there. So now the journalists need to get the names. I've already contacted Perdue and they said, "Not us!"


Is Acheson talking in circles and stonewalling? I'm already getting a bad feeling about this guy that he's not working for us either... stop paying him.


How about Tyson?


Gina, I know. I was just wondering if anyone had seen this bizarre set of symptoms in cats that had been exposed. My vets being very proactive with her. I've asked him not to do anything extreme other than IV and antibiotics. If she's going to go, she needs to be home with me. The vet said he's gonna do his best to make sure that if it gets to that point, I'll be able to bring her home. First 24 hours is the key.

I know she's old, and I know she's sick too, but that doesn't mean that her life isn't just as important as a young kitty who was fed this garbage. Every time I think that I can't get angrier, that this nightmare will end, I read something like this and it blows me away:

"Michael Rogers: Clarify we’ve received over 17,000 complaints, around 50 percent alleging an animal death."

50 percent :(



I am so sorry about your kitty. I hope and pray she pulls through. What were you feeding your kitties that caused this?

Also, can anyone tell me what they have witnessed as signs of a UTI? Thanks!

E. Hamilton

Possible it made pets sick and we did not notice.

I say it is damned likely and the FDA would not know about this NOW if a lot of bloggers had not started screaming!

My blood pressure just "spikes" every single time the FDA does a media event.


Thanks Lacy. Signs are lethargy, physical weakness, little or no urination (very hard to tell in a multi-cat household), sometimes increased or painful urination, fever, not eating...

I was feeding them Priority pouches and canned and Iams Regular chow. FDA told me everything I was feeding them was recalled :(


Can you believe it - now they want to make certain we do not make our own pet food. Whose side are they on anyway? As if we don't know.


Comment by Gina Spadafori — May 3, 2007 @ 1:53 pm

Bingo, Gina. Very interesting indeed.


"It is possible it’s been making pets sick for a long time, even though it didn’t come to our attention."

I don't doubt it's been making pets sick for a long time. Personally it would explain why so many otherwise young, healthy pets have kidney failure.

Gee, wouldn't that go against their "dilution effect" making human food safe??

They're a bunch of idiots!


spocko, I posted an article yesterday about a West Virginia chicken company that also said "not Us!" so you can strike them off the list too. If I can just remember their name...

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