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23 May 2007


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Lew Orban

Man....the truth is that the chemical make-up of melamine has 6 nitrogen....this is very bad for anyone consuming it. It not only will make you sick it will start an auto immune reaction that could lead to many diseases. Once the reaction starts some immune systems can not turn it off and then the chronic conditions of cancer, diabetes etc. will set in. This is very, very bad, and the FDA has to ban all food imports from China. The only reason they wouldn't is because the medical community and drug manufacturers are making to much money from the diseases melamine is causing.

Someone needs to take this over ASAP and get all these food imports banned. If they found Melamine in fish they found the signature of 6 nitrogen,,,,oh so bad!


Do any of you really believe this is new? It isn't. Ever since Ronald Reagan and Carter lightened import controls this has been happening. (Both parties are guilty.)

Big Agriculture has encouraged monoculture here and elsewhere. The melamine contamination should not be a surprise when in order to constantly grow the same crops you have to fertilize the land with fuel based fertilizer in order to get anything to grow. The manure from factory farmed animals doesn't have the soil nutrients that old fashioned manure did. You are supposed to rotate crops to keep land healthy. This is no longer done in about 95% of agriculture. (The exception being small subsistence farms and organic farms.)

We have been destroying the food supply for the past 30 years. Why are we surprised to see this?



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