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11 May 2007


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My iPod is dead. Gotta charge it.


Sort of like our energy levels.


The last 10 songs were actually the shuffle I did for my blog where I copied you.
1. Boogie - Paolo Conte
2. Junko Partner - Dr. John
3. Rescue - Lucinda Williams
4. Au Suivant - Jacques Brel
5. Ai Vida - Cristina Branco
6. There Will Never Be Another You - Chet Baker
7. Singapore - Tom Waits
8. Tall in the Saddle - Joan Armatrading
9. Sous Le Soleil Exactement - Serge Gainsbourg
10. She Said She Said - The Beatles

PLEASE, get some rest, take a break, whatever, just don't burn out! We need you!

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