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24 May 2007


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If you were here, or I were there, I'd invite you to join me for a salad and red meat from the grill, which I had the foresight to make happen by stopping by Oliver's last night, with forays to the meat counter and salad bar. I hear ya!!!!



Other questions?



Real life? What's that?


Tonight we had my homemade turkey soup. Could have brought you some. One of these days, the phone will ring, and it'll be me, saying "Christie, hungry? How about some [fill in the blank].

Won't be up to "Waiters on Wheels", BUT the price will be right.

OR we could meet at Park Chow, or Teriyaki House. Or something.

I feel your pain.


Find the best restaurant in close proximity to where you live and just go! Let somebody serve you for a change.


I feel your pain also. I've been living on tortillas and cheese for a week. I want my life back too!

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