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13 April 2007


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Well, although I certainly don't believe that only pets have died, the FETCH survey on the pet food recall shows some interesting numbers on behavior change.

We asked those who have taken the survey (you can still link to it at http://blog.fetchthepaper.com) if their thoughts about what to feed their pets changed since the recall; so far, about 36% say no, 57% say yes, and 7% are still researching. When asked if their behavior has changed, only about 24% said yes; 76% no. The most common change in behavior in our survey so far is "Changed brand" of food--almost 36% chose that.

These numbers may reflect that a high majority reported they already feed a premium kibble and/or some type of home made (cooked or raw) diet.

Anyway, we'll have more about the survey in the May issue of FETCH. We'll keep the survey open a while and invite dog and cat folks alike to take it.


Oops--Above, I meant "...don't believe that only 20 pets have died". Sorry.

Reina Brown

I'm glad you correct yourself when saying tha only twenty pets have died because first of all, that is a bunch of bull, and that's just saying it nicely. I am not sure why people would rather cover their backsides and fudge figures than get out here and DO SOMETHING! My best friend Mario lost his Seeing Eye dog to the tainted food, an as far as we are concerned, we will never again trust the pet food industry.

I wrote a book in tribute to him. Check out my website at www.protectmansbestfriend.com. I wish you well. Blessings.

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