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16 April 2007


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I'm sure "music nerd" is a compliment of the highest order. :)



That's what I tell myself, anyway. ;)


I really enjoyed reading your article on Scott Walker. Could you tell us more about what it was like actually meeting and interviewing Gale Harold? When I say more I really mean could you tell us every single detail you can recall? For example, what was he wearing, what did he smell like, what was he drinking, did he break his no photos policy and let you take any pics? You know, all the important stuff. There is no detail that is too insignificant to post.
Thank you for the great article!


I'm glad you enjoyed the article - everything I have to say about Gale Harold is in it. And I hope you check out the film!


To the above poster (Sherri):
Serious journalists don't dish the behind the scenes gossip about people they interview. I mean get real. That'd be like seeing Oprah gush all over someone like John Travolta on national television or seeing Barbara Walters talk about celebrities on some silly daytime talk show. It's just never gonna happen.
You may have better luck with someone like Christiane Amanpour. She seems like a fun gal who would be willing to give you some inside info. I suggest you contact her and request that she interview the object of your affections. Then she can blog all about it. I'm sure she has time. Good luck.

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