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28 April 2007


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I hope you get to sleep tonight Christie... (Because if you don't I won't either!)


Christie, excellent round up! I hope you, Gina and the entire PC gang get at least some modicum of sleep this weekend.

The Pet Connection has provided an invaluable service in keeping us informed (and ahead of the FDA, et al, sheesh!) while also allowing all our pet's voices to be heard. It's deeply appreciated.

Sending along many "WOOFS" of approval from my house to yours!

Gina Spadafori

Hey, everyone! I signed up for the FDA recall/alert list at the beginning of this, and guess what? I got a note they've approved a generic for Ambien!

So we can all sleep better now, at a lower cost!

Thank heavens for the FDA!


Comment by Gina Spadafori — April 27, 2007 @ 6:25 pm

Go to the store and buy yourself some Celestial Seasons "Sleepytime Tea".



I hope you're taking care of yourself! Me, I use L-Theanine to sleep, turns off all the noise. One of those things I got in the house for a critter! Christie, hope your hands have recovered. And that snippet from Guelph was way too short. I want to know more!


Interesting older story from International Herald Tribune... serves to further prove how dishonest Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development can be...

Clues to pet food recall traced to Chinese city

By David Barboza

International Herald Tribune

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


It's confirmed that those hogs entered the human food. I didn't know that they were sure enough to print it. It's in this article, the states that they know the hogs were released into the human food supply and how many are in it.

Krystal Kubichek

Hey Marcy, if you're still here!

Just got back from my store run...hit 3 Wawas, found 1 questionable can of food. Just called Menu Foods (the evil people). I now own a recalled product, ups code and all. I confirmed it with Menu Foods!! This is Paws food, from the very first recall (though the date code is from the more recent "All date codes are recalled"). Now going back to get some corporate numbers and let the games begin!


Comment by Mary — April 27, 2007 @ 6:33 pm

I hate feeling upset when Chinese friends lie to me; I expect it from the Chinese government, from Chinese businessmen; but I never expected it so blatantly - and so badly done - by a friend. Seeing as how feeling upset is … well … upsetting, not to mention unproductive, I set out to understand as best I could what lay at the specifically Chinese-style and motivation for lying.

Bill Dodson


Sleep remedy I use -

Chammomile Tea - works


Gina and Christie - Heaven has a special place for people like you! What would we all do without you? Can I send you a nice merlot or maybe a bottle of something special? Let us know and I am sure there are many of us that would love to do something special for you!


Krystal - Don't go away. I had some info for you. I'll go look it up again. Wait


Christie, live-blogger extraordinaire, try Biofreeze on your wrist and hand. Or Jointritis. Both work well on the tendonitis in my foot.

As for sleep remedies, you are both more than welcome to swipe my 2 year old for a few days. You'll sleep like babies after hanging out with her :)

Thanks so much for all you do!!!


WAWA info-

Howard Stoeckel is the CEO

Richard D. (Dick) Wood Jr. is chairman of the board of directors

Their website is


If anybody is looking for a safe, wholesome food. Performatrin Ultra is excellent. I rotate it with Canidae and my dog loves it. Recommended by Whole Dog Journal. Not sure how widely available it is in the US. He loves the Salmon & Olive Oil formula for a treat.

Not part of any recall in any way. I hope for my dogs sake and mine it stays that way.


This article written in the Op Ed of the New York Times By Andy Kessler titled “Trust Me” is a lesson our Pet Food Manufactures, Pet Food Companies, and Raw Ingredient Importers would be best served to adopt:

“Your baker only needs to have tasty buns, but you most likely pick your doctor, banker, realtor or broker based on some intangible — a recommendation, a reputation, some form of trust. If you don’t, I suggest that you fire them before the sun comes up again.

And a personal recommendation: Protect your reputation with a vengeance. Once lost, it is hard to earn back. At the end of the day, it’s all you really have. In this interconnected world, you can’t move to another city and start again. Despite the scandals and villains frog-marched through our judicial system, or maybe because of it, honesty and trust are making a huge comeback. Trust, integrity and reputation are no longer buzzwords — they have become our currency for commerce. Trust me on this one.”

25, 2007, 5:34 PM

Trust Me By Andy Kessler


Pet Food Recall has now claimed yet another corporate victim. On Friday, American Nutrition Inc. became the final of five pet food companies that Wilbur-Ellis supplied with tainted rice protein to recall a variety of products, according to reports.

The products recalled were manufactured by American Nutrition for other independent companies, and American Nutrition brands were not part of the recall, the company said in a statement.

Many of the companies recalling food said in statements on their Web sites that American Nutrition added the rice protein concentrate to their products without their knowledge or approval, reports the AP.


The origin within China of the wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate remains murky. For example, ChemNutra's source for the two vegetable proteins, Suzhou Textile Import and Export Co., told The AP that food ingredients aren't part of its business – but that employees often take on side deals. Stern said ChemNutra dealt with the company's president.

You buy that one?

Krystal Kubichek

sorry Shelly, I'm back. got the corporate number for Wawa. Calling now. will be here for that info.

Krystal Kubichek

thanks, Shelly, just saw the info. Unfortunately, I had to go to the store to get a phone number. Calling now, will give you an update.

Margaret Bridge

Christie, A while back I had 'trigger finger', a vernacular term for a condition similar to carpal tunnel but involving a finger instead of the wrist. The finger tendon snaps each time the finger is bent -- hence the nickname. I hunted the web and it said to imobilize it for a few weeks. So-- i spent the next six weeks with the ring finger of me left (dominant) hand TAPED to the middle finger. I discovered it was possible,albeit difficult to type if I left a small space at the top between fingers so i could toggle them. That said, would a splint similar to those used by arthritic patients offer relief when you dont have to type -- eg. while sleeping (for a few hours a week). One site I found suggested that. Also cold packs.

As for getting to sleep, I find there's nothing like a purring kitty to do the trick. He's named PURRLY for a reason. His 'lullabye' is very effective.

Krystal Kubichek

Wawa update:

Just got off the phone with them. They took down my info, the info from the contaminated can, the website for the Menu Foods recall saying all dates were recalled, the date and posting of the recall, etc. Someone should be e-mailing me back by Friday as a follow up (at my request, though they are anticipating a response much sooner, since it deals with a recall. Offered to refund me the money, but I told them I will not return the can until someone contacts me to assure me they have pulled all contaminated products. I told them I prefer an e-mail (written proof!), but they can contact me by phone if they need to. Both Wawa's hotline person and the store manager were very good (the store manager was so upset that they had sold me a bad can!). They said they had pulled recalled product, but perhaps the "all date codes" notice had been missed. I'm so glad they're reacting this way: it would be awful to boycott Wawa. (If you have one nearby, u understand!) Thanks Shelly, Marcy, everyone else who gave me advice.


It's definitely a bright spot that Guelph is making progress on the medical side of this. So much of this is so vague and any clarity that can be offered is more than welcome.

Hopefully they can confirm their tests, which will greatly help vets all over the country.


A shot or two of tequila will get the job'll sleep better than with the generic Ambien. Trust me on that.....

Go to a pharmacy & get one of those splint type jobbies for carpal tunnel. I have had problems on & off & when it gets bad, on goes the splint at night. Cold packs also work slick.

We do appreciate all the time & effort all of you have put into keeping us informed. I can't even imagine where I'd be (or where my Lab, Hannah would be) were it not for all the info from this website.

So thanks from me & sloppy kisses from Hannah.


re: the wheat gluten import

"but that employees often take on side deals."

This phrase really bugs me. Do they meet in the alley and pass money in white envelopes?

Nice to know our foods are made from ingredients obtained in side deals.


At first I thought Wawa was a short name for some other store. Now I see it's a real place...what is Wawa?


Re: Comment by Krystal

If you're going to WAWA, I assume you live PA/DE. Good to know. I'm in DE. Sometimes I think I'm the only one on the east coast.


Carole from WaWa's website looks like a grocery



I saw that but I was curious about them as I have never heard of them. I am originally from the east coast but I see they are in a limited amount of states.



Krystal Kubichek

Carole, Vj, Cathy:

Cathy - Yup, I'm in West Chester, right in PA over the DE border. Though there are Wawas in NJ and MD, and they're goal is to go as far south as Florida. They're working on Virginia now.

Carole and VJ - Wawa is like a 7-11. It's a convenience store, but much better than the usual (in Chicago, the had White Hen and 7-11, don't know about other places). Some Wawas have gas, but the best thing about them is the Wawa brand. Awesome iced tea, fruit punch, that sort of thing. AND they have hoagies and they're own mini-deli's (even will toast sandwiches), which are open 24/7 and make fresh sandwiches and stuff to order. Good quality, always fresh. In fact, I have friends in DC who will make midnight trips to a Wawa in Maryland half-an-hour away just to get a hoagie (or sub, as some call it).


Well, Christie & Gina - I hope you both get a good nights sleep. Everyone else too - it has been a long two days. As for carpul tunnel, I'm lucky that sleeping with the wrist brace is enough for me. Good night everyone - hope there are no more surprises this weekend! Can only hope :)

DaveyD - performin ultra was on my list to review for my cats. I think I personally gave up on Feledae although I may come back to it. The canned product was just to variable - my cats deserve better than having chunks of "stuff" in their food.

Krystal Kubichek

Thanks Elliot! But I think the most important thing is, REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR CORNER STORES! I think this just goes to show, little stores or stores that only carry one or two brands of pet food may not even know they're selling contaminated food!


Does anyone out there have a good recipe for dog cookies? After the wheat recall, I switched to a rice based biscuit. After the rice recall, I switched to cheese. But the guys are jonesing for something crunchy, and as the human footing their dental bills, I totally concur.

Kitty cookies recipes would be most welcome, too...

Krystal Kubichek


As everyone told me, check out "Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats". Oh, and if it's only cookies you're looking for, some people said the 3 Dog Bakery's treat book is good too.

Clare in N. California

Hi folks,

I submitted this comment before, but it got lost in the shuffle. I really do need to know. Can someone respond?

Kudos to Pet Connection for staying on this.

Has anyone checked the Northern California Save-Mart NuPet brand? They have small cans that are clones of Fancy Feast. I use their cubed beef dinner as a cat treat and a dressing to get my cats to eat home-cooked beef. The can does not list any kind of glutin as an ingredient.

Also, Costco/Kirkland has recalled canned dog food, but what about the Signature Cat Maintenance dry kibble?

So far Athena and Danny are fine, and I want to keep them that way.


I can't find ANY books on the shelves here - we're cleaned out. The helpful folks at my local bookstore say they're backordered for *weeks.*.

Any good ones online? I've tried that before, but found the online recipes aren't all reliably palatable. Any out there that folks have had luck with?


Don't know if this has been posted before or not (forgive, please);

NITAMIN - The New Nitrogen (published October 20, 2006 - Press Release)

Wilbur-Ellis joins with Georgia-Pacific, a raw material supplier to the fertilizer industry.

I wonder if anybody ordered this stuff? Maybe thought it said Vitamin? 8)


Here's more on that Nitamin


Comment by Kathi — April 27, 2007 @ 9:43 pm

Also interesting that Georgia-Pacific is a contributor to federal Republicans - 128K in the 2000 cycle alone.

Wonder if anyone in DC is worried about G-P's future?


"Menu Foods also said the U.S. Attorney’s offices in Kansas and the western district of Missouri have targeted the company as part of misdemeanor investigations into whether it violated the federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act. The sale of adulterated food is a misdemeanor."

A MISDEMEANOR?! What a joke. There are so many things that are felonies, and the sale of adulterated food (human or pet) is a misdemeanor! Are things screwed up or not!?


Here's - Nitamin Technology

"The presence of healthy fungal and bacterial population in the soil is vital."

Hope they don't mean as in Vital wheat gluten - I hope I'm just kidding here 8)


So, 300 hogs have entered the human food supply, but wait, FDA says only minimal risk to humans. Yes, FDA, I really have faith in what you say..not. Where is the data that says there is minimal risk to humans? I did a search on melamine human symtoms and nothing comes up regarding humans and melamine. I trust that answer about the hogs as much as I trust the food I'm giving my pets. Our currancy is right on the nose "In God We Trust" because we certainly cannot trust the government.


RE: Comment by John — April 27, 2007 @ 10:02 pm

Isn't that pathetic?? What that will probably amount to is a slap on the hands!


I don't understand the misdemeanor thing. I know they passed a law in my state that raised certain types of animal cruelty to a felony.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no federal anti-animal cruelty law.


Comment by Clare in N. California — April 27, 2007 @ 8:44 pm

Clare, I don't know. But if they were my kids, I think I'd be wary of feeding them anything from Costco. They sat on their last recall for a week - not the sort of "good-citizen" behavior that inspires confidence.


I say an eye-for-an-eye times 4,515 or more pet deaths.


Or, at least 20 yrs for each death x 4515 run consecutively.


Of all the labs involved in in-depth testing right now, I’d put my money on Univ of Guelph. In addition to today’s news, I’ll bet we’ll see more out of them in the next couple weeks.


As I've mentioned under another blog topic, if you've never been to China, check your PBS listings for "China Blue," a documentary on a Chinese factory. Very informative.

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