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30 March 2007


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Adrienne Stephenson

I just knew this was going to happen. This is awful, just awful. Our poor beloved pets. They just don't stand a chance. It's sickening and disgusting and I truly honestly wish that Menu Foods was made to consume every single product that they have made.


Fox news just cut off the conference while it was still going.


Do you suppose the FDA will be forthcoming with the name of the dry food? Or are we going to have to wait for next Friday at 5:00 to learn this? They are just as guilty as the manufacturers in this. They are NOT looking out for the best interest of these pets!

Gina Spadafori

We are still "at" the press conference (virtually), and will continue reporting.


I can't say it's unexpected, but I literally feel cold hearing confirmation that dry food may be involved. Haven't we all been asking, "If the anonymous wheat gluten supplier 'only supplies pet food companies', who else got the (potentially) bad ingredient?" Meanwhile, the mainstream media seems to have an attitude of "What's the problem? Dry food is FINE."

Let's watch the mainstream media minimize this, too...


Darlene it would of been nice if fox news ,cnn would of let the whole press conferance on so they are know how worried all of us pet owners are.


I am watching the news conference live on CNN Pipeline, but CNN Pipeline is a paid service.


CNN also cut it in the middle. Is there anywhere we can see the entire conference?


Why did CNN pull away live TV coverage of the FDA news conference on the pet food recall update? You were the only news network covering the live conference, yet you pulled away as soon as the FDA speaker said he had concluded his written comments and went to the anchor for commentary. Were there follow-up questions? Discussion? I was very disappointed in this sparse coverage. Do you realize how many thousands and thousands (maybe millions) of people are following this tragic developing news story? How many CNN staff members have pets? CNN *could* be a leader in following and reporting this still-developing story or doing an investigative report. Very disappointing coverage....


What a bunch of crap! CNN stopped the coverage after a few minutes. The head of Cornell University or whoever the hell he was needed to give us the history of Cornell and how wonderful they were.

Menu food is still only stating that 16 animals have died.

They’ve now discovered that it might not be rat poison, but melamine that is causing the damage. MELAMINE? The stuff that you make those plastic dishes and cutlery from.

The wheat gluten does indeed come from China.

There is a dry foot plant that did get some of this particular batch of wheat gluten, however they are not issuing a recall of that food because they have no evidence it went into the food.

Bullshit!!!!! Get the damn food off the market shelves. It’s killing our animals.!!!!!!!!


I meant to add that the above post of mine was the email I sent to CNN about their sparse TV coverage of the FDA news conference. The other networks seemed to pull away even earlier... I can't believe the lack of coverage!


The wheat gluten does indeed come from China.

Comment by Meaghan — March 30, 2007 @ 8:42 am

And there are two U.S. Suppliers MGP Ingredients, Inc. and Archers Midland Daniels.


FDA testing reveals chemical in pet food

7 minutes ago



Well... what is the name of the dry food that *may* be involved?


Pretty horrifying that the wheat glutein *may* have been used in a dry pet food but the FDA won't release the brand nor state when their investigation results will be released. I agree with the press conference caller who stated that puts consumers in a difficult spot. What a debacle.

Hopefully, the entire press conference video will wind up on youtube, so we can watch it in its entirety.

Thanks again to petconnection and other dedicated bloggers for keeping this issue in the forefront.



The Food and Drug Administration said it found melamine in samples of the Menu Foods pet food, as well as in wheat gluten used as an ingredient. Cornell University scientists also have found the chemical, also used as a fertilizer, in the urine of sick cats, as well as in the kidney of one cat that died after eating the company's wet food.


I was VERY disappointed with the press coverage. Even on those few stations that were airing the conference, they kept pulling away from the speakers so the anchors could give a recap and parrot more of the same misinformation we've been getting over the past couple weeks. Not impressed. At all.


Comment by karen — March 30, 2007 @ 8:53 am

I think pet owners will start dying of heart attacks when the truth comes out. If not before.


Comment by Meagan: "There is a dry foot plant that did get some of this particular batch of wheat gluten, however they are not issuing a recall of that food because they have no evidence it went into the food."

Where the hell else do they think it went!!!!!????


One thing is abundantly clear now -- we cannot trust that the major pet food manufacturers have even a CLUE of what they are putting in our pets food. That's enough for me to stop buying their products permanently.


Maybe that is why Nutro came on here. Maybe he knew the hammer was comming down on him next???

Empress 60

This is an outrage. If the name of the company with the suspect dry food is not released PRONTO, all dry foods connected with Menu should be immediately boycotted.

Let the entire industry suffer, not our pets.


My estimated guess and assumption is that the dry food may be Nutro's, based on many of the stories I've read on this site. But, It could be Iams. What really matters is that it's Menu Foods to blame, as well as the company that may be serving/selling this poison.

You know who you are; Come out with it!

Yet another reason the MSM can no longer be trusted. Back to Anna Nicole!


I agree with Empress. The only thing it seems we can do at this point is to kick 'em where it hurts.

Let's affect their bottom line and boycott, people, boycott!!


I want to state this again. Shortly before the news came out about the problem with pet food, our 4 year old dog died suddenly after defecating, vomiting, and then went into a seizure. Our dog had all the symptom simular to the wet foods lethargy, thirst, lack of appetite, ect. Our dog only ate IAMS DRY FOOD.


Several years ago I bought a book by a vet name (Strombeck) called "Home prepared Dog & Cat Diets" to help a dog I had in renal failure at that time. I was shocked to learn of the "standards" used in the production of pet foods. I'd recommend this book for general info and for some ideas of food to prepare at home until this commercial scare is resolved. It's a little more hassle but my pets are well worth the effort!!!


My guess was Iams.. mind you, I've nothing to back that up, aside from the fact that many of the dry food complaints I've seen over the past couple weeks have been related to Iams dry.

John Pierce

quote:"This is an outrage. If the name of the company with the suspect dry food is not released PRONTO, all dry foods connected with Menu should be immediately boycotted."

Menufoods does not produce any dry food at all. If dry food is involved, it is a totally different manufacturer getting gluten from the same source as Menufoods.


I agree with Empress on this one: boycot ALL dry foods connected with Menu Foods. THANK GOD my "kids" are spoiled beyond belief - they won't eat dog food. But believe me, I have tried to get them to eat almost every brand of canned/dry food out there. I also have two feline kids with only one of them eating canned cat food - yes, I did have a box of the 3 oz Priority cat food as a "back up" if I ran out of Fancy Feast. My kids have all made it through this alive...my heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones.

I say that until the kids stop dying, DON'T FEED THEM ANY (DRY OR WET) FOODS PRODUCED BY MENU FOODS!! We should DEMAND that the FDA release the company name(which I believe there are more than one of them) that has been using this tainted food base!!


Empress... Menu Foods only makes wet pet food in chunk formulas, from what I understand.

I have also read that dry food does not use wheat gluten, as it's only a component in chunk-like food. However, of course, some other type of wheat product used in dry food could be a problem

Also, Gwen, yes, I've only read about complaints with Iams rice and lamb in the green bag dog food being a problem. I have no idea about Iams since I don't use them and have a cat, but all the self-reported things I've seen in comments always mention this type of food and emphasizes the color of the bag.


oh god now I'm going to have to cook for the cats and the dog...this is insane...


Jamie- the thing is, it's not that easy. Menu only produces wet foods. If this stuff has made its way into the dry food supply, it's someone else's doing, not Menu's. Since they've yet to have released the name of the dry food manufacturer that purchased the bad gluten, there's no way of knowing for certain which foods may or may not be safe. Unless, of course, they don't contain wheat gluten.. but, at this point, I haven't seen any concrete verification that the gluten alone is the problem.


Iams and Euakanuba are owned by P&G.

What other dry food brands does P&G make?


Wheat gluten is used in some dry foods. My diabetic cat's prescription diet includes wheat gluten. I am running low, and dreading having to go out and purchase a fresh bag in the midst of all this, what with so many questions still going unanswered and all.

Alas, Thomas doesn't stay regulated off the prescription stuff, so I'm hoping more information comes out before I have to invest in new food.

Peg, Island NY Long

I purchased a brand new bag of Nutro Dry senior for my 6 cats. Opened it up, put it in their bowls and NO ONE would eat it. Tried it outside for the ferrals and it's still there from last night! Even the racoons wouldn't eat it last night. This is insane!!!!!


I agree Gwen, I don't suspect that wheat gluten, alone, is the only problem. How can there be such a difference between the contanimated ingredients - rat poison and melamine? Its probably both. I feel so helpless...there's got to be more we, as pet owners, can do.

Peg, Island NY Long

Does anyone know who makes Kibbles n Bits?


Krystal Kubichek

While it isn't connected to the Menu Foods recall list, there's an article on Itchmo about a new problem, with Iams and Eukanuba diet foods. The FDA also has information on their website. Please read...this affects prescription foods! I feel sorry for our vets: not only are they overwhelmed by the Menu Foods recall, but now food they prescribe may cause problems! On top of the Royal Canin class action lawsuit filed in Canada (that too much Vitamin D in their prescription dry food, I believe it is, has caused pet illnesses and deaths in Canada), now vets have to worry about Iams and Eukanuba prescription foods! And for all the animal owners and pets out there affected by this string of pet food problems, I pray that your pets are safe. Please read this: Iams definitely outright disobeyed the FDA's ruling on a substance and deliberately put our animals at risk. I don't know about you, but I now will never purchase any Iams product again. Here's the site: http://www.itchmo.com/read/fda-issues-warning-against-iams_20070329#more-260


From http://www.buav.org/campaigns/petfood/facts.html

1. Nestlé Purina Petcare owns:

1. Friskies Petcare: Bonio, Winalot, Spillers, Felix, Fido, Friskies, Arthur's, Choosy, Go Cat, Gourmet, Vital Balance

2. Alpo*: Mighty Dog

3. Ralston Purina*: Purina, Edward Baker Petfoods

2. Mars owns:

1. Pedigree Petfoods: Pedigree, Cesar, Whiskas, Sheba, Kitekat, Pal, Chappie, Bounce

2. Royal Canin (majority shareholder): Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved

3. Colgate-Palmolive owns:

1. Hill's Pet Nutrition: Science Diet, Prescription Diet

4. Procter & Gamble owns

1. IAMS: Iams, Eukanuba

So. Which companies got the wheat gluten?

Reports of deaths from dry food at http://www.itchmo.com/read/voluntary-dry-food-reports_20070328

Number of Specific Cat Food Brand Reported:

Iams: 17 (ARF: 5 dead, 1 sick)

Purina: 6 (ARF: 1 dead)

Science Diet: 5 (ARF: 3 dead)

Nutro: 4 (ARF: 1 dead, 1 sick)

Special Kitty: 3 (ARF: 1 dead, 2 sick)

Royal Canin: 1 (No ARF)

Number of Specific Dog Food Brand Reported:

ARF reported:

Iams: 21 (ARF: 1 dead, 2 sick)

Nutro: 14 (ARF: 2 dead)

Ol’Roy: 5 (ARF: 1 dead)

Eukanuba: 2 (ARF: 1 sick)

No ARF reported:

Science Diet: 4

Pedigree: 2

Purina: 2

Authority: 1

Beneful: 1

Natural Balance: 1

Trader Joe’s: 1

Better question, did any of the major dry food manufacturers NOT get it?


(P.S. Um, yeah. They all make people food too.)


I was feeding one young dog Nutro Puppy and he didn't like it much so I mixed fresh chicken in so he would eat it. I feel so terrible. I stopped feeding it to him two weeks ago and he is being tested tomorrow but shows no signs of problems - a proactive step on my part for peace of mind.

This is a nightmare!

Empress 60

Thank you for clarifying that point - in my RAGE I seemed to have forgotten that Menu just makes wet food.

But why not a boycott of ALL dry food brands by all major manufacturers, until the entire industry is forced to press for that information to be released?

It's like in grade school when one person does something and noone will tell on them. When the teacher punishes the entire class, magically this information comes out..


Grade school punishment. Stunningly appropriate. Good call Empress...


I just spoke with the veterinarian line at IAMS since I could not get through to the other line for customers. I told her that I was very concerned that my dogs eat tons of the Iams dog biscuits, puppy, regular, and less active. They love those in their kong toys. She assured me that they were safe and were not manufactured in the plant that had the contamination. I told her that if I had any idea that they would use wheat glutton that came from China I would never have bought any food from IAMS. China is the toxic waste dump country of the planet. They still use all of the God aweful chemicals that have been banned form this country for years. 90% of their waterways (rivers, streams, lakes) have the highest pollution rating they have. The cancer rate is escalating exponentially there. And I would never feed my beloved pets any food that is manufactured in China. Not when they still sell dogs and cats on the open market for FOOD! They actually skin them alive and sell them with their legs trussed up behind them in agony. These people are barbaric. OUr own department stores, like JC Penney is selling coats with dog fur on them that come from China. Need I say more? We should all be SCREAMING!!! AND we need to all contact the President, our Senators, Congressmen, etc.. to demand the same of regulation we have for people food. They keep cutting the budget and the Bush administration has stopped regulation of the Pet Food industry. This is a tragedy for everyone. Please let your legislators know how you feel. We will not vote for anyone who is not responsible. Thanks for letting me vent....

Peg, Island NY Long

Thank you to all of you for your help. Did you know that melamine is used as a fertilizer in Asia? If the US is the biggest producer of wheat, that just goes to show the relationship with Canada, if they chose to buy their wheat from China............makes me sick


Melamine is used in the process of microencapsulation of fertilers and pesticides (including rodenticides). Basically, a coating which gradually breaks down, for a time-released effect in the various products. So, it would not be unusual to find melamine IN CONJUNCTION WITH the offending chemical.


For those of you that are new, visit here for a list of food companies that are not involved in the recall, as well as their association, if any, with Menu Foods. As far as I can tell, it's a good list to start with, although you have to take everything with a grain of salt.


At this time, no dry foods are involved in the recall, but some are also suspect due to reports from across the country thanks to this blog.

By boycotting dry foods from companies that bought their wet food from Menu Foods, well, that will send a clear message. My dogs were doing fine on Innova, but am switching because Natura/Innova buys their wet food from Menu. Even though Innova's food was not involved in the recall, and Natura claims to havestrict standards, the fact remains any money I give to Innova lines the pockets of the greedy at Menu Foods. I am not comfortable with that, and so I boycott.

If everyone types the full name of Menu Foods, as opposed to abbreviating it "MF", then perhaps future stockholders or possible investors who are researching on the internet will be reminded of the horrible tactics and lack of business ethics this company has. We should find a way to archive these blogs so they will show up in internet searches forever.

Boycott Menu Foods and their affiliates! Line the pockets of the greedy no more!



Thank you, this is what I have been saying all along. I am trying to get everyone to stop purchasing food from ANY company that has products made by Menu, not just recalled products. I also think that we should all try to either email or write these companies, explaining what we are doing and why. It would be the most effective if we could communicate this to the CEO's/presidents of the companies, but it has been really hard to track them down. I have the name of the CEO of Iams, does anyone else have contact information for other pet food company executives? If we just communicate with the customer service people we really aren't getting the information to the people who need to know.


We have 4 kitties and they were eating iams wet and dry, we are very lucky, they are fine, we took them off all iams products and switched to food by BLUE BUFFALO (www.bluebuff.com)- they do not use wheat, corn, soy, beet pulp, vague fat sources, copper sulfate or by-products. They use people grade ingredients - check out their website for more info. Their canned food looks and smells better than some of the canned people food we have bought. My babies have been on this food for 2 weeks now and they seem to be feeling much better even the 10 year old is acting and playing like a kitten again. We are encouraging everyone we know to not buy any canned or dry food from any companies that are associated with menu foods. One way to make sure that these companies are punished is to not buy their products which will directly affect their income. They all need to step up and take responsiblity for this horrible, needless tragedy, but reading the news reports and checking their websites, it is obvious they are all trying to mitigate the damages as much as possible. I truly don't believe that any of them will actually come through with any money or assistance for anyone who as been affected by this tragedy. Iams send me a survey to take about the recall and I told them exactly what I thought and I am sure they didn't want to hear it. Pet foods and other related products are a multi-billion dollar industry, we (the consumers') have the power if we choose to use it. My husband and I are using our power by not buying the foods and encouraging everyone we know to do the same, so far we know of about 10 friends and family members who are doing the same. PLEASE, PLEASE EVERYONE ELSE THINK SERIOUSLY ABOUT DOING THE SAME THING...IF THESE COMPANIES DON'T MAKE MONEY THEY WILL HAVE TO LISTEN TO WHAT WE (THE CONSUMERS') WANT OR GO OUT OF BUSINESS. I truly believe this will have a much more immediate affect than a lawsuit because they have lawyers whose only responsibility is to make sure the company doesn't have to make compensation for these kinds of incidents and they have marketing departments to say "How sorry they are."


I have posted this comment before, what about the dog treats???? Nobody can tell me who manufactures the moist dog treats packaged by wal-mart distributing under the Ol'Roy brand, also don't beleive it is just Nutro and Iams dry food and the other premium dry foods, it is the store brands too. My cockapoo only had Ol'Roy kibbles chunks and chews 3 - 5 days before she became ill and DIED on March 15, NEVER had any of the recalled food! I reported to the FDA March 16th, so they are lying that there have been no official reports of deaths from the dry foods!!

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