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07 February 2007


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I clicked over for ya.

You're one of my biggest influences in feeding my pit mix, Lugh, a homemade diet. Mostly that means something whipped up from Pitcairn's book - it's easy to make a batch once a week. Sometimes, when we've run out of the homemade "slop," as we like to call it, and we're short on time, it means a high-quality kibble mixed with raw eggs or sardines or raw milk and the "healthy powder." Occasionally it means a serving of our dinner, like last night, when we all had roasted chicken and root vegetables.

My friends think he's spoiled, but I'm proud of the way I feed him. Lugh is healthy, happy, gorgeous, and a delight. It's very satisfying for me to feed him so well, and it's helped me take care of myself a bit better, too.


Great article! The link contained in the word "family dog" in this sentence: How else to explain the lifetime of processed, packaged foods that is apparently just what the doctor ordered for the family dog? shows where the pet food industry stands with its ideas about wholesome nutrition.
:-( In light of the recent pet food recall disaster, it's easy to see how we came to this horrific situation!!

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