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30 January 2007


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daniel scott

This whole cancer cure scam by the drug lords as i call big pharma (dont worry, keep stuffing ya face with big macs and smoking and drinking blah blah blah etc etc etc and well come up with the $$magic bullet$$ to cure your revolting cancer ridden body)

The CURE is real simple! YOU are an animal with a specialist biologically time proven body system. Prevention is the er... well prevention, which means organic hollistic food choices and voila no cancer, and if you already have cancer, well I suggest switching off the TV (makes you stupid) and eating that organic hollistic food I just mentioned, and if your strict and positive you might just find your body thanking you and cureing its own cancer!!!
You know the funny thing is, people have lost themselves to seducement by corporate anything, they lost the ability to think, reason and be critical.
Did you not think that when you came off the telly watching that wildlife program about wild african dogs ripping into some herbivore that perhaps fido shares a common ancestry and that it would be a good idea to get on the net and do some research on the subject.....might just find out that the your fav convenience kibble is processed shite that yes and wee'v come full circle again is going give him cancer.
Thats right folks, you, fido and the pet hamster are toast untill you wake up from the consumer dream and reclaim your personal authority.
I suggest strongly that you turn off the TV, its a good start...I dare you! go on be a soldier, you can do it oh and cancel the papers.
Right thats mind numbing nonsense and lies out the way. OK get some good books on whole food/hollistic lifestyle follow through, be radical, change your life and live cancer free/nonsense free. Who knows this might be the start of a whole new world!

and I wake to find its all a dream...Che where are you !


Daniel - If you read as much as you claim you'd be familiar with words like "seduction" ("seducement"?!?) and the spelling of common contractions like "you're". You'd also know that various cancers have various causes. Your colon will thank you for your healthy diet, but a simple viruses can give you some cancers, radiation others – whatever the diet. I am speaking as an informed sensible eater, growing my own organic as much as possible, who needs quarterly ultrasounds to find the cancer that will inevitably appear as a direct consequence of a virus I was born with.

Dichloroacetate research has nothing to do with the pharmaceutical giants or marketing - that's the whole point of this article, and what makes it so urgent that good Samaritans like the author above open people's minds to a non-pharmaceutical model of clinical study.

I'm not saying DCA might not be something that existed naturally in the human diet at some time in our past – I'm no chemist – but that it's foolish to discount these unimaginably promising findings on the basis of sloppy rhetoric.


Hey guys find more on DCA here:

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