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28 January 2007


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I'm so sorry, Christie. I'd be a wreck, too. I'm a couple of states away (and you don't know me from Eve, but the joy of the interweb is that I feel like I know you!), but if there's anything I can do, just holler...


I'm so sorry to hear that. It's great that you are so attuned to your dog, though. And that your vet trusts you to know something's wrong.


Let me know if there is anything I can do. I'm so sorry he's sick, and I hope it's just something simple.


Did you get the results back yet?

Martha Garvey

You don't know me from Eve, either, but I'm a writer who loves dogs and politics (and Xena), too...waves of healing love to Rebel.


Oh Christie,

I'm so sorry that Rebel is sick, please keep us updated on him and I'm sending positive thoughts to both of you. I hope he's back to normal in no time.

pam mc new

Dear Christie

I believe if you do two or three simple things, Rebel may be well in no time!

The first is to give one teaspoon (three times a day) of Sovereign Silver (an outstanding brand of colloidal silver). It is not only safe but amazingly effective for many health problems in both humans and animals … including urinary tract infections.

Secondly, I would give the homeopathic remedy called Detoxifier from Newton Homeopathic. This should quickly cure the kidney problem. You can drop 3 – 6 drops on it’s tongue every night. For a while … maybe a week you might even do it twice a day. But, so it for a lifetime every night … away from food. Do not let the dropper touch anything so it remains uncontaminated!

Third, you may want to give vegetable source digestive enzymes ( such as ProZyme) with each meal ... that is unless your doggy is already on a basically raw food diet.

Please, contact me if this is not straight forward. I would love to help guide you through this simple and potentially rewarding protocol!

Sincerely, pam mc new


I realize you're trying to be helpful. However, number one, I didn't ask for help. Number two, I already have all the help I need. Number three, Rebel has a STRUCTURAL defect of his kidney, that he was born with. Unless your magic potion can actually rearrange his anatomy, this is the reality for him. He gets fecal contamination of his urinary tract. Since the urinary tract is supposed to be sterile, unlike the gut, the body lacks a system of balances to prevent the overgrowth of bacteria there, as it does in the gut or the vaginal tract or the eye or any other system that normally has bacteria in it.

And yes, Rebel has been on a raw diet all his life. And I have a homeopathic vet. '

If you want to know what really pissed me off here, it's your blithe reassurance the homeopathic combination remedy... something I don't believe in, by the way... would "cure" his kidney problem. It's a STRUCTURAL DEFECT. Which you didn't know, but that didn't stop you from making promises and prescriptions and giving everyone who uses and believes in holistic medicine a BAD NAME.

maria plemper

Sorry to hear abaut Rebel
I wish You ans Rebel all the luck in the world.
Hope he recover soon.

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