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25 January 2007


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See, what you need is a cadre of fans who will split up the work between them. Let them fight over interviews that interest them and promise them a copy of the tape. Me, I don't give a bleep what some actor thinks but if you interviewed Suzanne Clothier, for instance, or John Burchard (who has led a fascinating life even if practically no one has heard of him) or my favorite vet and maybe yours, I might do some clawing for the chance to transcribe notes.

Think outside the box! (Unless you're a cat.)



How could you possibly hate having to listen to Renee O'Connor's voice? Geeesh ;)


It all depends on who the interview is with. I react to James Marsters just as you react to Renee and Lucy. If you ever interview him, I'll happily transcribe. I could listen to him for hours (and have, at Whedonverse Cons and on audiobooks). :-)

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