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14 January 2007


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Its unbeliebvable great. I am a german girl and cannot go to this event of the year. Its terrible :-( Lucy is the greatest singer in world I think!!!! I hope my dream come true und I can see Lucy at such a concert once in my lifetime!!!!!!!

Lucy you are unbelievable great, REALLY!


Thanks for those too far away to come.

Fausta, from France and waiting for the dvd !


Thanks for this amazing report! :)
I wish I'd be there... I'm from Ukraine and it's impossible :( I love you, Lucy! And wait DVD too!!!


I am so extremely jealous.


Thank you ten thousand times thank you for blogging from the con and for this report from the Roxie - great photos too. Wish I'd been there but I'm on the other side of the world - in Wales, which come to think of it might be another world in itself but that's another story!


Hey there!

Thanks for the linkage. Fantastic report! Man, wasn't it the best?!


Thank you for the report.
I really would like to see it now!!

lucyana moreira

I am super fan of lucy and renee and would like to agardecer for them to exist and to be these pesoas loved. I passed namely of the existencia of them after the xena. I live in the Brazil, xena not passes more here. I bought all dvds of the xena so pra to kill the homesickness. Cantandom would like tambem to buy cds of lucy here ams in the brazil not

Teresa P

I was there. All I can say is, it was magical. I love Lucy as everyone does. I was just blown away with the electricity in the air starting with the line outside through to the end of the concert. My partner and I just sang and danced along to every song as if part of a very lucky, loving community. I was also lucky in that I only live an hour away from the Roxy but after that I may buy a plane ticket if this thing goes down again in NYC. One can only hope, it was that good.

Kari E

I saw Lucy live at the Roxy on opening night and she was fantastic! It was the first con I have been able to attend but WOW what a weekend!!! Lucy and Renee are both such beautiful People, fine actresses, and just georgous! I'm so glad I could be there and plan on being there next year!. Lucy, if you are reading this I know I speak for everyone when I say WE LOVE YOU!!! And hope to see you again next year.


lucyana moreira

Lucy I love you. As I would like I am ai in its show. You is a great woman, actress, singer. I love you. Congratulations for its great success! I am Brazilian but every day I enter in its site pra to have information on you

Judith Winkler

Hey Lucy, i am from Austria, you so great fantastic. I Love you and Renee so much!!! Weiter so!!!

Du bist die Beste der Welt!!!

lg ~Xena~ alias Judith


eu gosto assistir xena lucy e renne


whoever said lucy lawless was the best singer in the world , i think your ears may be broken. her singing is anything but musical , actually its down right terrible. she has no ability to project her voice , it just kinda squeaks.

in the clip floating around of her singing "i was made for loving you..." the girl on stage with her totally owned her in the singing dept. actually i wish i knew her name, id buy her record. lucys singing was just plain hard on the ears.

she is hot though... haha

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