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13 January 2007


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Rosa Moran

Sorry you missed Jay on stage. His was one of the best and funniest appearances, and he played (with guitar) a very beautiful song that he wrote. I could sit and listen to Jay talk and play for hours.


Hey! Rosa ... thanks again for the ride on Sunday :)


No problem it was my pleasure. :-) Hope you'll be coming again next year. It would be nice seeing you again. Take care!


OK (just to annoy you) more nit-picky corrections (or answers!)

Q: "In "Forgiven,' what was Gabrielle enacting when she taught Charades to Tara and Xena? The panel was stumped. An audience member guessed the birth of Athena - wrong. Another guessed the death of Iphigenia. That was right."

A: "Iphegenia at Aulis" (which is about her death, at the hand's of Agammemnon, her father :-0)

Q: Name Gabrielle's parents.

A: Hecuba and Herodotus. (C'mon fangrrl, this one's easy!)

Q: What's the name of Ares' dog in "Old Ares Had a Farm." Dog is Horus. It was the last episode in which Kevin Smith appeared before his death. :(

Say wha??? Kevin's last episode (in order of episodes) was "Soul Possession", the penultimate episode (to FIN). As that ep was set in "the present" (2001), his last appearance as Ares (in the XWP timeline) was in "Path of Vengeance". (And I assumed the dog's name was spelled *Horace*? I could be wrong about that, though!)

[Don't want to step on the point of your emoticon, though: Kevin's death was a truly tragic loss, regardless. :-( ]

Q: "Name the three Titans. This is a seriously boring question."

A: Can't disagree there (Hyperion, Thea and . . . the Bald Guy :::looks it up::: Kryus)

Q: "In "Daughter of Pomera (sp?), [Pomira] what were the two names of the girl who was kidnapped?"

A: That's Vanessa and Pulee' (sp?)

[I, too, missed the others, re stunt doubles and such. Bad Xenite!]

"Oh,and lesbian vampire dance club Gabrielle owns me."

Doesn't she own EVERYBODY? ;-p

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