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12 January 2007


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Sears worked with John Allen Nelson on "Sheena". Nelson later played Senator Collins on "Vanished."


You're using MY laptop, yes? This means it has been infected with the fangirl virus. Now I'll HAVE to let you buy it. I'm on to your nefarious scheme.


It is totally covered with fangirl virus, probably the minute you try to use it again, you'll suddenly start stalking Lucy Lawless and Gale Harold. It'll be ugly.

You should really just GIVE me the laptop.


"When in Rome." Favorite line: "Why do they call you Xena? Because Ceasar was taken."

Sorry to nit-pick (you or Steve?), but the line starts "Why do they call you the Warrior Princess?"

Appreciate your Con write-up (next best thing---by a LONG shot---to being there ;-/)


How could he have gotten that wrong?! Why do they call you Xena? Uh, cause thats what my mother named me... ^_^

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