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28 December 2006


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I had one like that, too, Christie. And she was such a pleasure! I could trust her implicitly under any and all conditions. Cedar, OTOH, is leashed at any and all times, and even then pulls my arm out of the socket. And this after years of training.

It's a good thing I love her.


Christie Keith

Yes, but at least our love doesn't make us blind! Which is why my sighthounds are on leashes too!


Yesterday we ran across one of those "under voice control" dogs. My smaller dog doesn't do well with dogs off-leash when she's on-leash - so whenever an unleashed dog runs up to her I have to yell at the owner that she's likely to get defensive with their dog, please restrain them, etc.

On our walk a poodle - off-leash - rounded the corner and said hello to the other two dogs with us while I tried to keep my little one distracted and my body between the two of them. I told the owner my usual line, and he said, "Okay. Raven, leave her alone." AND SHE DID. That dog just looked at my dog, and walked over to her human.

In four years of having to tell owners this over and over again, this is the first one I've ever met who really was under voice control. It was amazing.

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