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23 December 2006


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Nancy Campbell

And I got to huggle and snuggle and cuddle one of them. I won't tell you what else I had to do...


Oh and I bet that snow is from today...what a surprise it was when I woke up this morning.


If I were going to have snow, I'd want it to be NOW, right around Xmas.... the problem with living places it usually snows, is it often DOESN'T snow for Xmas, and is STILL snowing in, you know, April.

I can't bear it.

Joyce Chin

As she who home-spawned the most adorable set of destructo hounds ever, I apologize to all Persian carpets and soft crates everywhere. :)
Christie, someday you too will be vandalized by an in house shrunken deerhound puplet. Just you wait !

Alison Brendel

I guess I got the non-destructive one. Garibaldi is perfect, or tries to be. I do have to admit they are addicting :-). But oh soooo much fun. Can't wait for puppy class for Garibaldi to start next month.

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