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19 November 2006


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I so totally want one.


"You may wish to not open the box around your children if they may be frightened by a box with a decapitated horse inside. " I laughed out loud at that one!


The commercial is on TV non stop and my five year old had been asking for one.(and asking and asking and shouting and yelling and asking every time it came on TV) Over the weekend they went to Target to look at it and the horse bit both my kids. It chews the carrots and FINGERS! while making a crunching noise, and costs 250 bucks! No Butterscotch for us!


Talk about something the world did NOT need ;)


Hysterical!!! I want one!!



Okay...yea, it's kinda cool. But it also kinda creeps me out. I get happy when stroked, too.


Today while the commercial was one my youngest said:
"Why does it look so nice, but act so mean? Why did Buttersctoch bite me"?
good question!lol
For that kind of money seems someone before my kids would have found that "buttersctoch bites"!

Great Dane Addict

I love the description. Detached head? Decapitated? Do they really want to sell this thing? And it's $589!?

Btw, it is available again.


I just want to know where the carrot goes..Does it actually deficate it out or do we have to go surfing for it?


My kids say you take the carrot back out of the mouth. We used to have Gobbles the Garbage Eating Goat (even before John Waters wrote about it!) and it was the best toy ever! He pooped whatever you fed it.


whoa! for that kinda money you could almost by the kid a real pony.

the decapatated head part is great. haha. it does kinda look like my old pony growing up...sweet Buttermilk.

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