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21 November 2006


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7. C.J. and Abby on L.A. Law — Feb. 7, 1991, wasn't exactly a great date in lesbian television history, but it was an important one.

OH but of course it was a great date! It's my birthday ;)

Seriously, the only thing that I have actually see out of the ten moments is this one (accidentally, since I just loved the show) and the Xena one which was also an accident because it was on before we decided to watch all 6 years together, sequentially.

I'm such a bad lesbian!


Great article.

Boy, you know a lot about television. :) Some of those things I didn't even know about, especially the Deep Space 9 things, and I LOVE Star Trek. Of course, I haven't watched all the Deep Space 9 episodes, although I do know what the Trill are. ;)


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