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11 October 2006


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I remember when Branagh got old enough so he couldn't jump up on my bed. I got him a ramp, but he wouldn't use it to save his soul. I couldn't figure out if he couldn't figure it out or just wouldn't use it.

I hope she decides to use it soon. :)

I'm glad your bronchitis is better, and here's hoping that the sewer issue gets fixed pronto and cheaply.



Consider painting it, sprinkling with sand while the paint is still wet, and then painting one more time. This will give the whole thing texture.

My dog has trouble with stairs where there is no back on the stair. We ended up having her eyes checked. Apparently she's very far sighted, so she can't see the edge of the stair clearly at all, and has trouble in general seeing that kind of stair. How narrow is the ramp? Would that or a visual problem be an issue?

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