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12 October 2006


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Current trackballs don't have contacts. They use optical tracking like most current mice.

I don't have experience with trackballs, but at least optical mice don't need cleaning. Even in a house with three flatcoats. So life should be easier.


That ring outside of the ball holding it in ought to be able to be removed. Try pushing and turning. Check the manual.

My trackball also has an optical reader, but the ball still has to pop out and be cleaned, just like once a month or so, I have to lever out a couple of keys from the keyboard and use canned air to clean out the spaces under that.


This reminds me of a funny story: my husband ordered a new mouse from Apple. It arrived while he was taking a nap.

I set it on the stairs, then got an idea: I rushed in the bedroom. "Come quick, there's a mouse on the stairs."

"Can't you get it?" he said sleepily. "Get a broom."

"But you know I'm scared of mice. Quick! Come get it! Eeeek!"

He came downstairs, saw the mouse he was waiting for, and luckily, forgave me for interrupting his nap.


Well, I'm definitely getting the impression that either it needs cleaning, or it doesn't, and that Kathy's husband is a saint. ;)

There is no way to remove the marble on the new model... there's no ring. So if it does need cleaning, I'm screwed.

Kim Hanson

Christie, it doesn't need cleaning...from the Logitech website:

"Logitech optical mice and trackballs represent an innovative advance in pointing device technology. With optical technology there's no sticking, more precise tracking, greater durability, less maintenance, and the flexibility to use a mouse on a wider variety of surfaces, without a mouse pad."

Because there is no sticking, you don't have to clean anything. NO WORRIES!

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