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08 September 2006


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1. Calling All Angels by Jane Siberry and K.D. Lang. Beautiful song that Christie turned me onto. :)

2. Cracklin’ Rose by Neil Diamond. What could I possibly say about Neil Diamond? LOL.

3. Dainty June and Her Farmboys from Gypsy ... the Bette Midler version, of course. ;)

4. May We Entertain You from Gypsy ... see above.

5. Tango: Maureen from Rent. Broadway day, apparently.

6. Angels would Fall by Melissa Etheridge. Great singer, great song.

7. Frankie and Johnny by Sam Cooke. I used this for the pre-show music to a show I directed called, funnily enough, Frankie and Johnny at the Clair de Lune.

8. A Love Song by Anne Murray. I just love her.

9. Dance of the Bores from Elton John’s and Tim Rice’s Aida. Great song about fulfilling one’s role and dealing with others’ expectations.

10. Didn’t We Love from the Coyote Ugly soundtrack by Tamara Walker. Best movie ever that didn’t have an actual conflict.


Nancy Campbell

1) Ride On--AC/DC
2) Brain Damage--Pink Floyd
3) In The City--The Eagles
4) The Highwayman--Loreena McKennitt
5) Suffragette City-David Bowie
6) Chase The Ace--AC/DC
7) Let It Ride-Bachman Turner Overdrive
8) Danse Vampyr--Inkubus Sukkubus
9) Ring of Fire--Johnny Cash
10) Be My Druidess-Type O Negative

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