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14 September 2006


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Because I can tell you, it will be a cold day in hell before I register a puppy with a registry that's in bed with stores that retail puppies as if they were plastic toys.>>>


I was SO disgusted to hear about this. Seems the AKC is willing to do just about anything for a $$$$.

If this is true, I won't be getting an ILP on any rescues in the future and will only compete in UKC.



Can't wait to see how this turns out. I love the description of the total arrogance of the AKC executives and directors. So typical.

I looked at the AKC charter and bylaws. It looks like it would take the solid support of at least 2/3 of the delegates and about a year to amend enough things to call a special election and throw the whole board out. But it could happen.

Alison Brendel

I participate with a breed that is not currently recognized by AKC and so many things I've seen AKC do recently with PAWS and now this has made me grateful for the fact that we are not currently recognized. UKC looks better and better in my eye as far as truly protecting the interests of the dogs and the breed fanciers.

AKC just doesn't deserve the support anymore.


I checked with a breed club rep. It's true.


They'll get away with it. Breeders quake at the idea of not being able to say their dogs are AKC registered. One wrote to me this morning and said that it was apparent the AKC is not interested in the well-being of dogs, but that if she or any other breeder were to leave and register with, say, the UKC, no one would ever want any puppy or dog from them. Hers is a large breed that it's difficult to find owners for thanks to their size and their need for space to run; I know this woman cares about her breed and is very careful about how often or even if she breeds. I think she feels trapped and she's probably right.


Gil, I'm sure you're right. That's why a lot of people have read the post ... but few have commented.


"Trapped" seems to be the right word exactly. I'm looking at my fall schedule of earthdog events with my Welshie and wanting to cry. Yes, there are other organizations with similar activites, but none so prevelant or structured so well.

I could rationalize the "we're only a registry" official line when it came to registering puppy-mill dogs, but now they're endorsing them? That's some way to show that you really care about the welfare of dogs, that's for sure....


I feel blessed to have an Aussie. ASCA has its faults (moves at glacial speed for one thing), but it still has concern for the breed at its core.

Remember that ASCA performance events are open to non-Aussies, including mixed breeds. We have stockdog (limited breeds/mixes allowed -- must have historical use as a stockdog) trials, obedience, agility, and tracking. Our Nationals and Finals are restricted to Aussies, but that's about it.


OK, it's obvious the AKC is concerned with generating some money through an increase in registrations and who knows, perhaps an increase in fees at some time. Why not? The greedy get greedier. It's obvious the AKC has made this move if the contract has been signed. In the '60's we had a saying...If you push against something long enough and hard enough it WILL fall over. So, if one by one, no matter how long it takes, people in power are replaced, things will change. Who cares if Petland pushes the AKC registrations other than the AKC? De facto the AKC endorses ALL suppliers of Petland, no matter what their reputation. Petland employees will be trained the the AKC? Wow, isn't that great. Throw another puppy on the fire. This looks like an uphill battle from someone on the outside who owns 2 flat-coats.

Gloria Giblin-Kelnhofer

This just disgusts me. I can't even say how much this upsets me. I am an owner of a beautiful flat-coat and I am in shock that the AKC would do this. Horrified infact. To endorse a puppy mill my oh my, its disgusting and disgraceful. They should be hiding in shame at the AKC. Its simply shameful and as this act shows no regard for the honor and safety of dogs and complete regard for money.


The AKC sucks. They are the Evil Empire. This just shows it more conspicuously than usual. In fact, all multi-breed registries suck. The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America is my ideal. When AKC started registering JRTs against the will of most JRT people (as it did with the Aussie, as it did with the Border Collie, etc.), the JRTCA simply ruled that you had to choose -- if you registered with the AKC you could no longer register with the JRTCA, or judge or participate in any of their events. They are still a vibrant, successful organization that serves the interests and welfare of their breed. JRTCA members have no trouble placing their pups. I wish all purebred dog folks would wake up to the fact that there's life outside the AKC, and follow their example. Walk the walk -- walk away.


For the numbing numbers behind the AKC decision, see >> The Mathematics and Symbolism of Misery Puppies at: http://terriermandotcom.blogspot.com/2006/09/mathematics-and-symbolism-of-misery.html


This is the reason that I chose not to register my dog when I purchased it from a
reputable breeder. I think they are just
looking to make money on dogs being sold.
My dog is the same dog now as he would be
if he is AKC registered. Big Deal!

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