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15 September 2006


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Oh, my, what a nasty taste in my mouth after reading that. How does that guy write or at least send this kind of bilgewater out over his own name and still sleep at night?


"When these new owners do not register, AKC and our clubs lose the ability to encourage them to become part of the fancy or to educate them about responsible dog ownership. We feel we can best promote our values and bring people into the world of AKC events by reaching out to new dog owners no matter where they choose to purchase their dog."

Interesting...both my previous Golden and my present Golden (purchased from breeders, not pet stores) were/are AKC registered and I have never once heard from the AKC about anything, including responsible dog ownership. I gave them my money and they sent me a certificate. End of story.


LOL Sharyn. So true. Anyway, when the AKC says "reaching out to new dog owners" what they mean is "add them to our mailing lists and try to sell them more stuff".


Shame on the AKC! They are about to undo all the good they have done to date for the dog world by assisting and condoning puppy mills. This could very well ruin the integrity and quality of our blood lines so carefully developed to date.


Shame on the AKC! They are about to undo all the good they have done to date for the dog world by assisting and condoning puppy mills. This could very well ruin the integrity and quality of our blood lines so carefully developed to date.

P.S. If you want to educate the people who buy these poor little dogs, picket outside the stores with information on how to get a proper dog and how to take care of it. I'm not real smart and even I can figure that out!

JoAnna Bennett

This is the most disgusting, damaging thing I have ever heard of. The AKC is essentially endorsing wholesale/puppy mill produced pups. The wave of the future. Seems like it would definitely be stupid on the part of Petsmart and PetCo NOT to get on board with Petland and start selling pups too--especially since the AKC would have to and WANT to endorse them in the same way. Just think of all that revenue in registrations. I guess ethical breeders (the ones who screen candidates for pups) need to be put out of business because they didn't produce enough puppies--maybe the economy and cost of gas had something to do with that-?. So the mills and the BYB's have been producing pups by the thousands and have not cared whether they were registered or not. So the AKC is going to legitimize the wholesale production of pups to make a few more bucks. And ensuring that purebred dogs will go to rotten, unqualified homes and end up in shelters or rescues after 1-2 years.
There won't be any point in entering dog shows if breeders don't have homes for puppies. Prof. handlers will be out of business. Won't need show superintendants either,
or judges-!
Did anyone at the AKC even think about all of the negative ramifications of this decision that has already been SIGNED???


"However the AKC feels that by bringing more registrants into the AKC fold we have the opportunity to educate them and involve them in programs that promote responsible dog ownership."

- doesnt being a responsible pet owner mean NOT buying your pet in a pet store? and shouldnt the AKC educate people to NOT buy from pet stores, a.k.a. puppy mills?

"Together these initiatives are designed to regain market share, while maintaining a registry of unequaled integrity and size."

- Bingo! that is the real motive right there - increasing their market share of registration money. not to mention, how much "integrity" does a puppy mill puppy bring to the AKC?

is the AKC going to allow these sub-standard and sickly dogs in the show ring and be awarded top prizes? they are gonna have to, because that will be all thats left!

i agree with the other poster, after i registered my dog - i never heard another peep from the AKC...but they were sure happy to cash my check!

What a disgrace! Shame on you, AKC!!

jen hainen

What are they thinking? The AKC has really gone over the edge on this one. He can sugar coat it with all his reasons he can come up with but it really comes down to one thing..money! I never thougt I would see the day AKC would promote pet shops and puppy mills. What a disgrace and a slap in the face to all the reputable breeders who work so hard to preserve their respective breeds!


There is a God.

The AKC has "received many comments about this agreement, both positive and negative. We have listened to the concerns and because this issue has become so divisive, we believe it is in the best interest of our sport and the American Kennel Club not to go forward with this initiative."

I'd love to read that positive comment.

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