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18 August 2006


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Beautiful Biography! Brought alot of memories of my old dog (Jake) back to the top of my heart again. Your Right Old Dogs Are Love


Thank you. That is exactly what I needed to hear right now.


Thanks for the story about Rosie. What a grand girl.


We’re still living happily ever after, for however long we have.

I love this! We are living the same thing with the Grrls :)

Judy B.

A wonderful story to which all senior dog owners can relate. A very happy belated birthday wish for Rosie.


Well, that started out my day with a tear in my eyes! A good tear, though. What a wonderful story!


Sending big hugs out to Rosie. :)



May God Bless Rosie


Lovely story. I love old dogs.


That was awesome. Brought goosebumps to my arms and legs.

My 5 year old doberman died in my arms on August 10th. My world will never be the same.


Dr. Patty Khuly

Keep writing. I hope my Sophie Sue lives that long. Check out Piglet's story at Dolittler.com. He wasn't nearly that lucky. But he knew we all loved him.
Patty Khuly


You so beautifully captured the essence of the POWERFUL bond between GOOD WOMAN and DOG. And how DOG can crawl into a corner of our hearts from the moment we get DOG (most of the time!!) and as time goes by the corner always grows. We know DOG will always stay there FOREVER and EVER! Thank-you for sharing the joy,fullness and angst of it all so well.

And a world without DOG?????......so, so empty, still.

Our ever-and-always faithful companion, DOG, whose trust of us grows exponentially as they age....trust that we can somehow, when the guessing-game of TIME subsides, gather up all our wisdom, courage, strength and love for DOG and reach deep inside to finally be able to give back to DOG.....but why does it have to be that?? I draw comfort from the fact......DOG knows, DOG loves.

I wish you everything you need in the time ahead.

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