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30 August 2006


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Guh. Lucy was amazing ... and how nice that she did get to live her dream, having said that she more than anything wanted to do this in case she would get lucky enough to sing with Smokey Robinson.

And the blond version of Lucy is *definitely* growing on me ;) Maybe I like blondes? Mmmmm.



As you know, since returning from my little vacation my life is chaos and hell, and I've almost forgotten things such as television and internet exist.

Now I also know that Xena is a blonde. You do such service to humanity.


Yes, Lucy Lawless is a natural blonde, although I don't think she's really THAT blonde - I think her natural color is more a light brown. I prefer her as a brunette personally.

Gabrielle is the only blonde for me. ;)


Gabrielle is the only blonde for me. ;)

Wrong again. You keep forgetting that she is all mine ;)


Pfui, I missed Lucy. But IMO, Jai sucked. Next time, turn your back to the TV and listen. Wasn't that a Streisand song he did? I was cringing and sooo glad I could escape to Rockstar Supernova and Magni. Wooof! Pant, pant.



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