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28 July 2006


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1. Tango for Evora - Loreena McKennitt
2. Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
3. Not Ready to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks
4. My Immortal - Evanescence
5. Probably Wouldn't Be This Way - LeAnn Rimes
6. Hallelujah - kd lang
7. I Love You - Sarah McLachlan
8. Home - Marc Broussard
9. When I Fall - Trick Pony
10. Taking Over Me - Evanescence

My current Evanescence addition doesn't allow for an all female list, so I just went with randomness ... ;)


WHERE are you?


Where am I? Or Christie? Actually, you should know the answer to both of those already ;)

Nancy Campbell

Can't do the women artists only since I don't know how yet. In the meantime my eclectic taste in music shows up. LOL

1) I Can't Tell You Why-The Eagles: I love the Eagles, actually cried when they broke up in the early 80's.

2) Losing a Whole Year-Third Eye Blind: nothing special to say about this. I like it, that's that. LOL

3) Walkin' on the Sun-Smash Mouth: How can you not like this song? I don't dance, can't dance, won't dance...but this one makes me wiggle a bit. LOL

4) Frozen-Madonna: Didn't like her in the 80's but I've loved her since this song first played.

5) Heart of Glass-Blondie: A magical lady. Sexy, strong, smokey voice and oooh, she's someone I've admired since I was a teen.

6) No Sleep 'til Brooklyn-Beastie Boys: What can I say? I dig some of their music. Love the back beat, the bass, the rhyme, the 'tudes.

7) I'm a Dog-Kid Rock: I figured one of his was going to show up on a shuffle, but I didn't think it would be 10 minutes after I loaded a few of his songs. Oddly enough I dig this guy. I love songs that say "fuck you" and make me want to get into a scrap or two. LOL This isn't my favorite of his, but it's one of them.

8) The Sad Cafe-The Eagles: see first song.

9) Dear Mr. President-P!nk: I would like this song a lot more if I didn't cry everytime I try to sing along. It just breaks my heart.

10) Changes-David Bowie: This song brings memories to the forefront for me. I was 12 years old when I first heard of Bowie and this was the first song that struck a chord with me. I've been a fan ever since. Great song.


Lotta her edition
1.the Breeders Last Splash
mmmmm good
2.bonnie raitt Love me like a man
3.The pixies Where is my mind
forgot how good this was-
doing this on Fridays has me down loading more - and searching for songs from my pre-kid days like this one sigh
4. the commitments do right woman, do right man
5.Melanie I rode my bicycle past your window last night
no I am not embarrassed
5 Selector on my Radio.
6.Blondie I know but I know
"I give but I don't get
I will but I won't yet
I will but I won't yet
I loose but I don't bet
I'm your dog but not your pet
I know but I don't care"
Loved it in high school and still do.
7.The Roches We
Ok,now I am embarrassed.
8. Shakira Hips Don't Lie
Not sure why I downloaded it, it is on the radio endlessly!
9.Black Eyed Peas Let's get retarded. After watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle my 13 year old begged me for it and while far from politically correct listening for children ( or anyone!), hey-who cares if it makes ya smile.
10. Melanie, Candles in the Wind


Mine are here.

Christie Keith

I'm glad you stopped by... it was great meeting you at BlogHer!

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