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14 July 2006


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Okay, here goes. My drive by iPod challenge.

1. That's All by Helen Reddy. I've just discovered Helen Reddy, and I just think she's wonderful.

2. Swing Down by Soweto Gospel Choir. Lots of harmonic fun.

3. South African National Anthem by Soweto Gospel Choir. Beautiful harmonic voices, even if I have NO idea what they are saying, except for the occasional word "Afrika".

4. All She Wants to Do is Dance by Don Henley. Blast from the past for me from my teenage years.

5. Close Every Door from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoats. One of the most beautiful songs from this show. I always think of it as referring to the prison that I've felt like I live in being HIV+, although in the show, Joseph is locked up in an actual prison.

6. Seasons of Love from Rent. How do we measure our lives? I'd prefer to measure it in the love that I've shared with others, which is more difficult than it sounds. This song expresses that beautifully.

7. Light in the Loafers from When Pigs Fly. It's about a guy who wasn't getting any Broadway parts because he was a little too "light in the loafers". He wonders if he has to give up that part of himself to get any parts. I identify.

8. I Got My Baby by Faith Hill. Gumble, snort, Faith Hill, grumble, snort, only like one song, grumble, snort, why does she keep showing up on my lists, grumble, snort.

9. Let's Get It Started by Blackeyed Pease. I love this group. Catchy, high energy stuff. Sexy. You should also listen to My Humps.

10. Some People from Gypsy by Bette Midler. It's a musical, it rails against gender roles and it's Miss Midler. Hello? How can you go wrong?



Remember you gave me dispensation to cheat.

How Soon is Now -The Smiths
Wonderful Life -Black
Spreading the Light -Colein
Filthy Mind (Mount Rushmore Mix) -Amanda Ghost
Headstrong (Relentless Vocal Mix) -Tilt ft. Maria Nayler
Absolutely Not (Hex Hector/Mac Quayle Chanel Mix) -Deborah Cox
643 (Love's on fire) (Oliver Klein Vocal Mix) -DJ Teisto ft Suzanne Palmer
Mr. Lonely -Deborah Cox
Filthy Mind (Peter Rauhofer Club Mix) -Amanda Ghost
2 Rights Make 1 Wrong -Mogwai

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