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07 July 2006


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Alison Brendel

Here goes:
Please by Chris Isaak
Staple It together by Jack Johnson
Unhappiness by Chrs Isaak
Keep the Faith by Bon Jovi
Lonley no More by Rob Thomas
A Minor Variation by Billy Joel
Hey God by Bon Jovi
Champagne Supernova by Oasis
The Winding Stream by Carlene Carter
Novacaine by Bon Jovi

Seems a bit heavy on the Bon Jovi and Chris Isaak, but that's the random part I guess:-).



Ok-I tried to play for the first time last week but I hit send to cyber space key, so here goes....

Mostly Gay solidarity version-

I will survive. Gloria Gaynor
Most likely written about a man, but come on, gay men love this song!

I'm Bored Iggy Pop
Not exactly gay, but we all know Iggy and Bowie had their thing way back when
Who know Iggy would one day be the voice of cruise lines. Not me that's for sure

In Hollywood (everybody is a star) Village People
What can I say. I was in high school in the late 70's. We slammed danced on Friday nights and went to the roller disco on Saturdays.

Heroes David Bowie
If I hadn't been playing this game, I wouldn't have skpped ahead to hear one of my fav. Bowie songs.
"I-I will be king and you, you can be my queen". doesn't get any gayer than that!

Closer to Fine Indigo Girls
Love that song

Jackie Onasis Human Sexual Response
Back in the 80's this was one of Boston's hottest bands that didn't live up to all the hype that touted them as the next big thing. lead singer was way gay.

Strobe light B52's

the love you save Jackson 5
I looked up the lyrics and I didn't realize that the song was about saving your virginity. (s is for save it)

Waiting in Vain Bob Marley Ok, not exactly gay, but I have a life and need to finish this

Night Club The Specials


OK, my turn.... just as I head off for vacation.

1. Exactly Like You, Tony Bennett and kd lang. Not only is it kd, but the song itself is sweetly ironic if you're gay. Or maybe not so sweetly...

2. Freedom, 12 Girls Band. Anything with 12 girls has to be gay.

3. Woman, Pele Juju. I think some of the women in this band were gay, and me and my lesbo friends danced to it.

4. Fare Thee Well, Indigo Girls. Nuff said.

5. Moondance, Suede. The Van Morrison classic sung by a lesbian torch singer.

6. For Once in My Life, Michael Buble. This is not the Frank Sinatra version, or song.... this is Michael Buble's song, and he's a hit with the gay boys I know.

7. I Love the Nightlife, Alicia Bridges. Reminds me of disco dancing at the Rubiyiat in Ann Arbor, MI before the days of AIDS.

8. Hymn to Her, Pretenders. Ummm, OK, Chrissie Hynde is not gay, but oh, if she were... and this song is pretty lesbionic.

9. Paint a Rumour, Eurhythmics. Gay enough.

10. Simple, kd lang. It begins and ends with kd.

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