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09 June 2006


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Me first! Me first!

1) "I Won't Dance," Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

The Gale Harrold anthem ... oops, that should be "I Can't Dance."

2) "Touch the Hem of His Garment," Sam Cooke

When I was living near Tallahassee, there was a gospel music station. Man, it was sweet. I love that stuff.

3) "The River," Bruce Springsteen

When this came out, my friend Russ told me this was the story of most of the people he went to school with in Tulare, and why he was so driven for it NOT to be his story. He's the Business Editor of the L.A. Times. "The River" is soooo not his story.

4) "River Will Take You," Greg Brown

I like Greg Brown. Many people love him. He has a cult following that's a little intense. And he's married to another of my favorite new-alt-folkies, Iris DeMent.

5) "Deeper Than a Holler," Randy Travis.

Oh, that voice. Gimme some old-time pre-pop country music.

6) "Chattanooga Choo Choo," Glenn Miller and His Orchestra

Won't you carry me home .....

7) "Last Night I Had a Dream," Randy Newman

Hmmm ... did it involve Tom DeLay scurrying out of Congress like the cockroach he is?

8) "Octopus Garden," The Persuasions

Cool CD. Persuasions sing the Beatles.

9) "Want Not Want Not," The Roches

You go, girls. Which reminds me: Where DID they go?

10) "Down at the Twist and Shout," Mary Chapin Carpenter

MCC can do no wrong.


Ok, here it goes. This one turned out kinda like a feminist folk singer mix...

1) Crying, Waiting, Hoping by Marshall Crenshaw. From the movie soundtrack for La Bamba. I liked this movie and the music way back in the mid-80s and it made it onto my iPod.

2) Valentin by Susana Baca. Not sure if this is here because it's a chick music thing or it landed on here because of my salsa lessons. I have a lot of miscelleneous latin music on my iPod due to dancing.

3. Sea Level, Blazing Redheads. These womyn were at one the Michigan Womyn's Music Festivals I attended in the 80s.... and nothing like Alix Dobkin.

4. As, by Stevie Wonder. From Songs in the Key of Life. I bought this album because I liked something Stevie wrote in the liner notes.

5. One Suitcase, by Laura Smith. My good friend Susan lived in Canada a number of years and introduced me to a number of Canadian artists that are not well known here. I liked Holly Cole and Laura Smith the best. Laura's pretty folky, Holly's more jazz-something.

6. Gentle Rain by Diana Krall. No story, it's just here on the iPod.

7. Foolin' Myself by Melanie Hammet. Geesh, another girl with a guitar, or piano, or whatever. My friend Daniel introduced me to this album.

8. Dhyana & Donalogue by Sheila Chandra. I downloaded this album a couple of months ago. I need to listen to it a few more times before I present an opinion.

9. Tango by Blechblaserensemble. I took American Tango lessons too, and so my iPod has a bunch of music for certain dance genres that I would never listen to outside of dance.

10. Gypsy in My Soul by Van Morrison. Van is a God.


Don't have time for commentary but wanted to put my ten randoms in:

1. Keep Fishin' by Weezer
2. Flames Turn Blue by David Gray (Adore Him)
3. Stupid by Sarah McLachlan
4. Vertigo by U2
5. Sweet Jane by Cowboy Junkies
6. Bachelor's High by New Bomb Turks...ummm??
7. I'm a Rocker by The Raspberries
8. Holy Roller Novacaine by Kings of Leon
9. It's All In My Head by Teenage Fanclub
10. Hello, Hello by The Rentals


glaring at ooogyfan2

*glares back*

Your jedi mind tricks do not work on me.

1. Rapture (Iio)
Brian and Justin are so in love.

2. True (The Faggot is You) (Morel)
OH! He said a bad word!

3. Sandstorm (Darude)
Angels sing, harps play, Brian and Justin meet under a lamp post.

4. Save the Last Dance (Ben E. King & The Drifters)
Prom, so sweet. We'll forget what happens after that.

5. Mundian To Bach Ke (Punjabi MC)
Get Christie to tell you about this one, she can rhapsodize about Peter Paige's dancing and eyeliner, it's very very boring. I think she watched Queer as Folk for the PLOT.

6. Ambition (The Doves)
I can't speak of it.

7. Horny (Mousse vs. Hot N Juicy)
Christie tried to explain the "vs" thing to me. I'm a middle aged housewife from the Midwest, it went totally over my head.

8. Tight (INXS)
I've never really understood this song and besides, it was one of those scenes where Gale Harold dances with Peter Paige and we took a poll and decided that was just wrong. See, I'm playing fair, I SHOULD have deleted this song.

9. Where Do I Begin (The Chemical Brothers)
OK, this is not a Brian Justin song and yet I really like it so it must actually be good.

10. Go to the Water (Jamie Oakes)
I think I got this one before, maybe? This song is sad and beautiful.

All from Queer as Folk. Bite me.

Christie Keith

I think she watched Queer as Folk for the PLOT.

Snort... ooogy, really, seek professional help now before I have to hurt you and confiscate your iPod. And please don't talk to me about the plot of Queer as Folk - since you fast forwarded through it all anyway.


Late, but here it is.

1. Rose's Turn from Gypsy, sung by Bette Midler. What do you want from me? I admit I'm a musical theater queen, and Bette has been one of my favorites for years. Plus this song is very powerful theater.

2. We Don't Need Another Hero by Tina Turner. I loved this song from Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome. Great children's voices in the choruses, and Tina is amazing.

3. Language of the Kiss by the Indigo Girls. I just love the Indigo Girls. Out and proud, and great harmonies.

4. What Would It Take by Anne Murray with guest vocalist Brian Adams. It's a wonderfully infectious song.

5. Seasons of Love from Rent. See above note about being a musical theater queen.

6. Together, Wherever We Go from Gypsy. Again, see above.

7. All I Need is the Girl from Gypsy. Blah, blah, blah. See above.

8. Jubilee by Mary Chapin Carpenter. I love this song. It speaks to me about how when we're ready to come out of our shells and our pain, there are people who do love us, and will let us take our place at the table.

9. Small World from Gypsy. It's a ruthlessly practical love song. Even if that does sound like an oxymoron.

10. Asimbonanga by Johnny Clegg. Half in Afrikaans and half in English. It's a wonderful song about the struggles of South Africa before Nelson Mandela was released.


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