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09 June 2006


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Nancy Campbell




but it's iPod friday so i have hope.


"OK, let me say this once and get it off my chest and never mention it again. I have had it with writers who talk about how painful and harrowing and exhausting and almost impossible it is for them to put words on paper and how they pace a hole in the carpet, anguish writ large on their marshmallow faces, and feel lucky to have written an entire sentence or two by the end of the day."-- Garrison Keillor

Here's the link to "Writers, Quit Whining," on Salon:



Of course, I'm in the whining group, too. Guess that's why I don't have a mansion in St. Paul and a new movie coming out!

Or, it could be that I'm not NEAR as talented as Mr. Keilor!




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