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24 April 2006


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I bow down. Really I do. I told you before that you win, you didn't have to go to all this trouble.

Would a FEW more pictures of Brian and Justin have killed you? I have seventy five million I would be glad to share if you want to do an update.


I suppose I could use a photo of that greasy violin player to illustrate number 4. ;)


I suppose I could set my lj folks on you again.... and this time I won't call them off, either.

I did think of one way Justin and Brian are better: There aren't fifty million websites arguing over whether or not they ever really did it.


Serious answer: I already had all those Xena photos, I had to go find the Brian and Justin ones. And I'm lazy.

And I grant you the thing about the fifty million websites. Queer as Folk was NOT about subtext.


Excuse me, exactly how many times can Brian and Justin do it in the shower before it gets "old"? I have no idea, because the human mind can't comprehend the vastness of infinity.

You really ARE a lesbian.

Sighthound Ma

Yeah, she really is.


I at first thought you were just getting off on being mysterious, but I'm starting to think you're actually trying to drive me insane.


Ares God of War YUMMMY. And I'm a lesbian too.

Sighthound Ma

Yes, I am.


Ares God of War YUMMMY. And I'm a lesbian too.

LOL .... well, asthetically I can see he's yummy, but all that body hair, blech. Frankly I think Brian's cuter. ;)

What I actually find creepy about the Ares thing is that Xena and Ares either have sex or almost do, or sort of do, or did in the past, and then later on in the series it's established that Ares is Xena's father (he impregnated her mother after having assumed the form of her mother's husband - Greek gods did things like that a lot). It explains how Xena gets her heroic powers, but has major yuck factor otherwise. I remember reading that the actor who played Ares was grossed out by it also.

And you all thought I was kidding when I said I was obsessed with this show.


Thanks for the pics, ooogy, I added a couple of them. Especially thanks for the Corvette shot! The total porno shower ones, not so much. ;)


Okay, okay ... I guess I do have to watch this show. I'm going to set TiVO off on a hunt ;) Or, is it confusing enough that I really must go from the very beginning?


Hmmmm. I'm not sure about the confusing factor. There are a LOT of recurring in-jokes that set many characters and situations in context. The backstory isn't revealed in the beginning anyway, and the character of Xena actually got her start as a VILLAIN on the show Hercules. He turns her into a lesbian, er, I mean, TURNS HER GOOD, and then she got her own show and her own little blonde sidekick (his was named Iolas, right Travis?).

In short, I've totally been no help whatsoever. Anyone else have any thoughts?


Yes, Hercules "buddy" was named Iolus. Also shorter and blonder. ;)



This is good stuff. I'm in total aggreement here. Xena and Gabrielle... It doesn't get more romantic and loving than that.

-Just a daughter of Sappho,


Okay...Ares was not Xena's father. Xena simply convinced the Furies that Ares was her father, so that she would not have to kill her mother...Very confusing, I know...but I assure you, that Ares was not Xena's father.

Xena and Gabrielle still make a better couple...although I don't believe they were lovers. The idea was played with simply because so many people speculated that they were more than friends. But even as just friends, they were still a better couple than Brian and Justin.

scrappy gia

Xena and Gabbi are so hott!!!!! their the real deal***


I'm one of the school that strongly believes Xena and Gabrielle are, or were, together. Not because I wish they were, or I think it'd be hot.

Just, seriously. Look at them. Have you ever seen two people that close, /that way/, that weren't at least attracted to each other?

Plus, it's ancient Greece. The guys did it all the time, especially with their fighting partners; why not the girls, too? This is why I also speculate on the true nature of the relationship between Hercules and Iolus.


I agree with Scrapy...how can two womyn be soulmates and not have been lovers?...sorry but there's no way someone can be that close to someone else and not be sexually intimate.

and in the show they are seen as "meant to be together", they always find a way to be together because they are SOULMATES.

I'm a lesbian also and maybe we all want to find that person that comes close to or is our soulmate and have that kind of connection, so we see this in the show also...but no one will convince me that they weren't lovers...they just couldn't be that outright with a lesbian relationship on main stream TV because society isn't ready for this kind of love being shown to their children.


oppss sorry I meant that I agree with Naeryn on this subject.



Christie...thanks for the link to this "old" article. Sorry the Viacom contract sucks. As for the "were they or weren't they" question, I believe it was settled by Lucy Lawless herself when she stated that Xena and Gabrielle were "married"...as in they were an old married couple. She also said another time that she felt Xena was outed in the final episode...back in 2001. I'm pretty sure the debate has been long settled before 2006.

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