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29 April 2006


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You're just never gonna let up, are you? Gale Harold can't dance. I know it, you know it, all the Brian/Justin fans know it. He can't dance. And it's not that usual straight man problem where he can't move his hips, either, cuz we've seen him do that. I think it's a problem with his feet. He won't lift them up when he's moving.

But he's hot anyway.

Christie Keith

I said to myself when I posted this... "oogy will be the first commenter."

I once wondered if his inability to dance might have been that they kept making him dance with two actors so much shorter than him, and then he had to sort of crouch down to get their heads on the same level. Then I saw him dance with Emmett and they're the same height and seeing the splendor of Peter Paige's dancing in the same frame with Gale Harold's put that idea right out of my head. If I were Gale Harold I'd have refused to ever, ever dance with Peter Paige, especially as they had to actually dance and not just make out to music as he usually did with Justin and Michael.

I'm going on and on about Xena over at BGP, and QAF here, and yet in reality I almost never watch television! This is so very weird. But fun.


I like Moford, too, but he's got some issues with fat people he needs to get over! He freaks out when he writes about fat people.

I wonder if I first found you while searching for pit bull information. My sweet Lugh - my first dog, a shelter rescue - is nine months old, and I've learned a lot very quickly about people's biases and fear of pit bulls. It breaks my heart. He's a happy, healthy, loving dog, the joy of my life, and I hate to think about what happens to other dogs like him.

I love your blog.

Christie Keith

Thanks, Inanna! I noticed that in his very weird column about breast size in China the other day, and thought... HUH? I guess no one is perfect. :(


How sweet that you tried to make excuses for his bad dancing. I like you more each day.

I also read your entry over at Big Gay Picture, but didn't comment because at the last minute I felt intimidated by the gayness. But on behalf of myself and straight women Brian/Justin fans everywhere, thank you for the compliment on our political coolness. Does your comments section accept photos? Because if it does, I have an icon for you, let me try .... the answer is no. So, go here.

Christie Keith

ROFLMAOPMP.... oh ooogy. I like you more each day, too. That icon is priceless, I have to use that in a post one day.

One thing I noticed about the B/J fandom (in addition to your politics), you all know just exactly how nuts you are. I like that.

And you're the second straight person who said they were afraid to post at BGP. I encourage you to get over it ... as I told the other person, I post on straight blogs all the time. ;)


I enjoy taking my most frequent inaccurate search referral terms and then actually posting relevant links for anyone who might stop by my blog. The big three completely irrelevant search terms for my blog are "Kaitlin and Rick SNL video", "mudpuppy dissection", and "Ode to a Tomato". My most popular real entry, according to my referrer logs, is the one I wrote about dogs and tranquilizers such as Xanax, Valium, etc. I get many, many people reading that entry after doing searches for things like, "dog afraid of thunderstorms" and "dog afraid of fireworks".

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