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25 April 2006


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I rather enjoy "Christie lite" ;)


So I am really out of it. I don't even know what Life Journal is. Maybe you could give folks like me a hint. Do the complications in your life have anything to do with your dogs?
Are you going to Michigan? I have to miss it.


PS I enjoyed your Xena/Gabrielle v. Brian/Justin top ten.


LOL Cate, LiveJournal is, a blogging software run by the company that runs Typepad (which I use), but which features more personal diary type solo blogs, and blogs that are organized more like communities... hard to explain, kind of a cross between a group blog and a forum system. Only one or at most a handful of main "admins" can inititate a post/thread/topic, but the replies can be threaded and you can reply to replies and it almost starts to function like a forum system at that point.

Usually when we joke about LiveJournal here it's to imply that we're getting too "Dear Diary" and too personal/emotional (who me?), but sometimes I'm referring to the LiveJournal communities ... well, so far I've only referred to the numerous "Brian Justin" LiveJournal communities, some members of which have been visiting me here and who actually seem to have great senses of humor about their obsession, er, fandom.

Some of my best friends have LiveJournals (hi Travis!).

I'm not going to Michigan - I finally had to face reality that the timing isn't going to work out. The reason has to do with the whole "life going to shit" thing that I am resisting talking about ... and yes, some of it has to do with a dog.

I'm half sorry you're missing the specialty (for your sake) and half glad that at least now I don't ALSO have to be sorry I won't be seeing you! Hopefully we'll both be there next year.

And glad you liked my X/G/B/J post... I got like 1700 hits to it over the last day and a half so it seems you're not the only one. I had fun doing it.

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