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28 April 2006


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Hi great selection of music! I love all your songs!
If u want u can go to my blog to look my Best Songs Top-20.
I have my personal chart for...years!!
Plz go there and make any coments!


1) "Like a Dog," Greg Brown
2) "You're Still Standing There," Steve Earle
3) "No Reason To Change," Randy Travis
4) "Cold Day in July," Dixie Chicks
5) "Almost Home," Mary Chapin Carpenter
6) "Too Much," Elvis Presley
7) "Chattanooga Choo Choo," Glenn Miller and his orchestra
8) "Stompin' at the Savoy," Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
9) "Little House Around the Corner," Ashley MacIsaac
10) "I Can Let Go Now," Allison Krauss & Union Station

Fun game. :)


I can't help myself. Soon I'll be making playlists. It's an addiction ... oh, iPod, loosen your evil grip on meeeeeeee!

1) "His Friends Are More Than Fond of Robin," Carly Simon
2) "Someone To Watch Over Me," Les Brown and his Band of Renown
3) "Little Love Affairs," The Chieftans
4) "Darkness on the Edge of Town," Bruce Springsteen
5) "Keep Your Feet on the Ground," Rhonda Vincent
6) "Another Saturday Night (and I Ain't Got Nobody," Sam Cooke
7) "My Love Is Your Love," Magic Sam
8) "How You Ever Gonna Know," Garth Brooks
9) "Baby, Please Don't Leave," Buddy Guy
10) "Bye Bye Love," Simon and Garfunkle

Wow ... some messages in that list, huh?


This is the thing, about playlists ... you see little themes in your music and the next thing you know, you've made one. This is my list of PLAYLISTS.... not counting albums and playlists of artists, but just conceptual or thematic playlists:

80s Vocal
80s Edge
80s Synth
Dance 1
Dance 2
Dance 3
Dance 4
Dance 5 (you start to see why BeatPort and Perfect Beat love me)
Danceish (which is dance music from the TV show Queer as Folk)
Not So Danceish (the songs from QAF that either aren't dance songs or that just weren't danceish enough for me - with a shout out to the wonderful, kind and generous Princess of Babylon for her website and message board devoted solely to the music from this show)
Workout (this one changes all the time - just anything new that I want to take to the gym. Currently featuring forty two versions of SOS. Just kidding.)
Just Beautiful (I'm going to break this into vocal and ambient versions soon, it's getting a little freaky right now)
Just Covers
Just Embarrassing (these are the songs I always pray are not going to come up on Random Fridays)
Just Rock
Just Sing
Just Sad
Just Stuff
Just Twang
Pure Pop

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