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30 March 2006


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Wow i mean p!nk she rocks from her forthcoming album !! im not dead is FAbulous !!! i love her she is my idol i love her becuase of lots of things such as her music !! from all albums and that she dont care what people think of her, she is so true to her self and thats what i love !! my favorite song would have to be you and your hand that is a Awsome song !! and the rest are great when i heard p!nk = Stupid girls i thought yeah p!nk is back !! and shes going to be great !! and she is !! and i love her.



u rock p!nk y take off our show gurl

i love y so much i have all ya albons


OMG!!! So right!!! P!nk is so awesome!!! People like her music, but they don't listen to whats behind the lyrics. I know what she means in stupid girls. All the girls are so slutty these days and they all look up to celebrities like Britney and Paris and Lindsay. They don't see the meaning behind the lyrics of P!nk's work. I love that she doesn't take any shit, and she doesn't care about everyone elses' thoughts about her. P!nk is so passionate about her work. She cares about the well-being of our planet- not the fact that she is so famous she could do whatever she wants and no-one would care. She's one of the only celebs like that, she is so not slutty... I love that. I LOVE P!NK!!!

I love p!nk's ability to be who she is and express her thoughts even though it gpes against what most other peoplke think. She does what she wants and has managed to become who she iis even though shes had such a hard life. She was told to change everything that she was to get where she is today, but she got there without changing. She broke all the rules and is anything but stereotypical. Rock on!

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