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17 February 2006


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Hmmmm. Maybe it's too dangerous for you to have one? :)

Christie Keith

Bite your tongue. Bite it right off.


LOL ... I'm sure that Gina is saying that so that she can have it ;) I think iPod Nanos ROCK!

(And I do look cool in muscle tanks if I do say so myself ... not )

Christie Keith

And I do look cool in muscle tanks if I do say so myself ... not

Hmmmm ... that's not what *I* heard....


And this is just the beginning--there's the Sound Dock or other similar appliance that can charge and play your iPod in your home (I hardly ever use my stereo anymore) and the device to play the iPod through your car's speakers (because what's a road trip without all that music) and the very expensive fancy earphones... there are AT LEAST seven layers of iHell.


Heh! Since when do you listen to Gina ... do you actually believe that it's too dangerous for you to have an iPod ;)


I've got an iPod shuffle and I admit, I do love it. I use it when I work out, do outside chores, vacuum, etc. I'm a big audiobook fan and it can hold plenty of books for me to be thrilled with. It's tiny and light and I did upgrade the earpiece because those buds just do not fit in my ears, but I love it. I've contemplated getting the "ipod tripod" a tripod of speaker that your ipod can plug into, but that could be a bit over the edge geeky. Could be . . . .


im planning to get an ipod but do you think its dangerous to my ears? bcuz my aunt says it damage your hearing.

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