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27 February 2006


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I'm not a Walmart fan. Our local "Superstore" panders to every religious group in the area, meaning when you walk in the front doors you're greeted by displays of Mormon books and the entire "Left Behind" series. It just creeps me out. We ended up going there a couple of months ago though because our elderly neighbours gave us a Walmart gift certificate for Christmas. I wanted a bird feeder, and figured they'd have a decent selection. I have to admit that the prices were just stunning. Stunning. That jumbo box of Honeycomb cereal that sells for $5.99 in the grocery store was just $2.50, and that wasn't on sale. All those Lean Cuisine meals that I covet at $4 and $5 each at the grocery store were about 2 bucks a piece. If we shopped there on a regular basis, especially for groceries, I can see how we'd save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year. We've made a conscious choice not to shop there but I definitely know why so many others do. Especially if you're a Walmart employee, you can't afford to buy groceries at a regular grocery store!

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