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18 February 2006


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You might be interested in this story, where the US has joined Iran to deny consultative status to organizations that work to protect the rights of LGBT people.

That's right, we're on the same side as Iran these days.


My partner had to have out-patient surgery a couple of weeks ago, and I was speechless at how poorly I was treated by the clinic staff. Actually, I wasn't treated "poorly" -- I was invisible to them. They gave no information about my partner to me, yet regularly updated our shuttle driver who called the main desk a few times to confirm the time he should arrive. I should have been outraged, but it was just so beyond comprehension, like I was being "punked", that I didn't utter a word.

Conversely, when I had surgery a couple of years ago, the hospital staff were great to my partner, and absolutely treated her like my "spouse". I guess that spoiled me, and I assumed I'd be granted the same courtesy elsewhere, so wasn't I surprised?! It just reinforced for me the absolute need for legal recognition of our rights as a couple, because obviously some people can't be trusted to just do "the decent thing" on their own.

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