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16 January 2006


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I really enjoyed your post! Keep up the good work!

susan k

Excellent reason to breed dogs-seems logical to me but then again I am aways over run with dogs. I haven't been able to get my deerhound yet as the female obsorbed her pups for the second time. In the waiting period I did the first puppy purchase of my life-an apricot, female English Mastiff, Mariska-she is now five 1/2 months old and weighs 96 pounds-such a love but so stubborn. I have always rescued dogs and currently we have Big Huey, a five year old mastiff, rescued two and half years ago, 200 pounds of cuddle bug love; Jamie, rescued in July, a gordon setter/collie; and then a very bossy, thinks she's the watch dog, Shitzue, Tangee Marie who is 12 this month and we found her as a puppy. But I would breed deerhounds or mastiffs in a heart beat the world was so close to losing these noble breeds after WW II, they are so classic and have such a loving attitude, so perfect to be around my grandsons.

Kartika Permatasari

I love to know what yo are doing...
I love dog also.. I have 1 Shit-Zue Puppy at home... here in Indonesia.. having a dog is kind of rarely..because many of Indonesia are moslem..I'm moslem too..but how can't I reject the innocence of dogs eyes while asking you to play...

Keep the good work OK!!!


Hi, I've just read some of your blog and find it very interesting. I googled for Deerhound+blog and found you!
I'd like to know if I would be able to "borrow" your text on "Why I Breed Dogs" and print it in our deerhoundclubpaper(in Sweden). I find your writing right on the spot and would love to let/have other people read it. Please, think about it!?
Thanks in advance//Pia a member of the deerhound club of Sweden, a deerhound owner and a great deerhound fan =)

G. L.W.

We've always been fond of the giant breeds, and after breeding, traing & judging Field Trial retrievers for 30 years, we decided to devote the rest of our years strictly to rescue, all-breed, but primarily those who are hard to adopt. There are plenty of retriever rescue groups, but less-popular and mixed-breed, especially those with special needs, seemed to need more help. We have several blind dogs, including a Great Dane. We've tended to lean toward Boxers a bit since they seem to take rejection so personally and we are willing to keep them until we find the right place for them where they'll never have to face that again.

Recently, though, we've changed our focus a bit, mostly based on a video clip I saw on YouTube, quite by accident:


We've had several Pits, AmStaffs & similar breeds over the decades, but this clip reminded me that these little guys & gals are probably the most abused and bad-mouthed dogs on earth, and for no good reason. Some shelters just kill them immediately for a variety of lousy reasons, and after the idiotic media reporting it's not surprising that most people just pick another breed through fear & ignorance.

I wish everyone would watch this very short video clip and at least have an informed opinion, if not actively help as we now do. We had 15 rescue dogs of our own in the house, plus several waiting for new homes and being rehabbed, but we still found room for two rescue pit bull girls, who were so sweet and gentle that we'll probably keep them here forever and bring in more for eval & adoption.

I still love the giant breeds, particularly the IW, Danes & Scottish Deerhounds, but at the moment I feel that these poor guys need my help more.

Hugs to those magnificent deerhounds !

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