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15 January 2006


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I can relate I think. I never gave Matthew McConaughey much thought, every movie I'd seen him in sucked, IMO. But when I watched him work his butt off in New Orleans, my mind was immediately changed. Hugging dogs and helping a man reunite with his beloved pet. Same regarding Harry Connick Jr. He just plain annoyed me, until I saw him lifting an elderly man off of his water laden porch into a boat, wrapping a blanket around his shoulders and hugging him tight.

Okay sure, they're actors, it is good publicity for them. But I think of it this way: How many of the famous helped just by signing a check or singing a song? More than were down there getting wet and dirty!!! Singing for charity is great and every check helped, but when you're willing to get in a little boat and lift a stranger or a dog out of a disaster, you're a hero in my eyes.

I also have a deep appreciation for Hollywoodites willing to step out on a very small limb and not hide who they are inside and out. I cried for joy when I watched Elton John stand up in front of the world and married the love of his life. I've been a devoted fan of his since I was 12 years old and all I could think was, "Finally, he's happy. Screw the world, screw the anti-gay assholes, screw them all!"

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