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23 January 2006


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susan k

Thank you for the good laugh, I loved his list. I am sure at this moment that my phone, computer and house are bugged and they have a longrange camera on my house-but that's ok I am sure James Leroy Wilson is on their list before me. Hey guess what I live in the middle of Kansas, vote democrate or how I want and have a gay son-now I'm really on their list!


Well, i agree hate is a strong word. i do not hate bush, i think he has had a good heart and wanted the best for our country. I think he has a lot of screwed up ideas and is not a very logical man. I think we are actually very lucky to have a man like him. There have been way worse leaders in our world so it kind of does frustrate me to have people complaining about him.

Christie Keith

Well, me, I think he has a nasty, rotten heart and is not only arguably the worst president this country has ever seen, but a genuinely evil person.

LUCKY to have him? From the day I saw him ridiculing and laughing at the woman facing execution in Texas, to today's apalling revelations about his incompetent and inhumane handling of Hurricane Katrina, my view of Bush as a bad man and bad leader has been vindicated at every turn.

What possible evidence could you have of his "good heart" and our luck?

As to there have been way worse leaders in our world, exactly how low does the bar have to get to give W a passing grade? "Better than Hitler"?


"I think he...is not only arguably the worst president this country has ever seen, but a genuinely evil person."

I don't think he's evil. You have to be intelligent to be genuinely evil. If Bush has a brain, it's somewhere in his cabinet, it's certainly not in his head.

When I saw the reports about the meeting between Bush and his advisors held before Katrina flattened everything in its path, what struck me once again was his complete inability to take in the information pouring into his ears and act on it. He sat there like a dunce when he was told about the twin towers in New York. He sat there like a dunce once again when he was told about the dangers Katrina posed. Each time, once he was jogged awake and managed to recall his lines and that he was supposed to resemble a man, he looked straight at us and lied.

He has absolutely NOTHING between his ears; inept is a kind word for this bumbling, dangerous fool who has taken this country from peace and burgeoning friendships around the world to war and enmity on all sides.

And, God help us, we STILL haven't impeached and convicted him for his lies and malfeasance in office.


I really dont like Bush and I dont even like to I dont tolerate him, he is such a puppet on a string and I even voted for him as a marine, I support my troops becuse I love the american race and I belive we all want to be free but him and his vice president might as well give the presidency to the only one who knows anything bll clinton

W.A. Fowler

Well I am glad to see that this has a little conflict going it shure does feal good to express your views to someone you dont even know


I do agree Bush is the most idiotic president,that our nation,has witnessed yet....(when are they going to get rid of him?) I wished they had impeached him or something ,he dosent desrve to be president. A president is suppose to help our nation not help destroy it.....Our country is in debt now....oh thank you bush "you sent my daddy to war and now hes gone,and never comming back" thats what most of the children are suffering from here.GET RID OF THE BUSH!^-^


Im just waiting for the day when people will start burining them selfes to get bush to stop


well i think Bush looks like a monkey...Saddam Hussain was executed 4 killing 148 or so people well wat abwt BUSH!! HOW MANY INNOCENT people has he killed?!! Why duznt he get hung?! hes meesed up the world!!

Andrew Yu-Jen Wang

In his book, “An Enemy of the People,” Dean Lawrence R. Velvel properly indicates that George W. Bush is insane and basically lives in a dream world in his head. Dean Lawrence R. Velvel brilliantly and ingeniously describes that George W. Bush suffers from (1) rigid judgmentalism; (2) irritability; (3) impatience; (4) grandiosity; (5) obsessive thought patterns; (6) incoherent speech; (7) immense anger; (8) exploitativeness; (9) arrogance; (10) utter lack of empathy; (11) difficulties arising from relationships with his father (George H.W. Bush); (12) not caring about the suffering of others; (13) sociopathic behaviours; (14) serial failures; (15) lack of competence; (16) alcohol problems; (17) narcissistic personality; (18) doing anything to protect his psyche from the destruction of being shown wrong; (19) inability to feel guilt; etc.

Dean Lawrence R. Velvel’s book is for all time one of the best books ever written. The American people benefit profoundly from astute writers—like Dean Lawrence R. Velvel—who focus on the severe mental illnesses which underlie George W. Bush’s egregious misconduct while president of the United States. Dean Lawrence R. Velvel’s examinations relative to George W. Bush absolutely explain why Bush has been an utter failure and will leave behind such a tragic legacy.

Lawrence R. Velvel is the dean of the Massachusetts School of Law.

Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang
B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996
Messiah College, Grantham, PA
Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA, 1993

carol hall

Bush is the anti-Christ. Nuff said.

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