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06 November 2005


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Oh my gosh. My pup had uric acid stones so I can relate to your experience. He's now on a strict, low protein diet. Costs $75 per bag of prescription food, but he's not experienced a problem for 5 years (knock on wood!).


why didn't you buy your dog washsable doggie diapers. thet would have been far less messy than sheets throughout your home.



Did you even halfway get the point of Christie's blog? What in heaven's name have diapers to do with the genetic conditions that can show up out of the blue even when breeders do their BEST to breed healthy dogs? Did you even get the implication that those who breed without having a clue of what they're doing are idiots and the ones who suffer most for their stupidity are the dogs?

The LAST thing Christie would ever be worried about is her sheets!

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