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18 October 2005


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I'm working on a 6 year old model from the last century, no less! It's never had a single problem, just a bit slow. We'd thought to get rid of it, but not now. These "old dogs" have plenty of life left in them!


Poor baby. It's not original, but it is sympathetic. And when your computer comes home, it will be all shiny and fast and happy. Really.


Ack. I hate those tiny keyboards. Make me feel like Gulliver. Hope the computer IV works. :)



I will not accept this lame excuse from you. I used to file deadline stories on a Radio Shack TRS-80, with 6 lines of display, 8K of memory and accoustic couplers that connected to a telephone handset.

So ... blog, darn you. Blog!

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