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24 October 2005


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I know that you've already figured this out, but I definitely recommend an external hard drive for making backups. They're relatively inexpensive, and depending on what you backup, you don't need anything really huge. The best part is that most external drives come with a program (or you can the Windows backup utility) which will do your backups automatically. For example, I've got mine set to do a backup every Thursday at 3am. I only do a "My Documents" backup, so I periodically do a manual backup of my email, my bookmarks, and my passwords (I suggest Roboform -- it's well worth the price if you're dealing with hundreds of passwords). I'm no saint about this -- I sometimes go for months without remembering to export and backup my email -- but if my computer did die, I'd at least have something to build on. You also can export your WS_FTP .ini file, so you'll have a copy of all the sites in the program, but the folks at WS_FTP make that file really hard to find and they don't seem to have an Export feature anywhere in the program to make it simple.

Thanks for the tip about WS_FTP, btw. I was just thinking about upgrading as my demo version has expired, but perhaps I'll look elsewhere.

In your honour, I'm off to backup all my important data...

Terry Bain

...which is also one of the reasons I almost always use, when possible, open source software... it simply will never lock you out, and won't make you pay a dime...

I use cyberduck, which is OS X (macintosh) only, but there are a kazillion very fine other products designed for "the other guys'" computers that I don't think I need go and figure out what they are...

Blessings and best wishes,

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