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26 October 2005


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I read a very interesting and detailed article in Time Magazine about Walmart and their supposed hate for the average joe worker... Time made a great point that even though on paper Walmart is making great profits, if you take their profit and divide it by the number of employees they have... it turns out to $600 per employee. Normally I would doubt such a thing, but I have a fair bit of respect for Time...

Assuming the figure is true, does everyone expect them to go not-for-profit? Time also made good points that Walmart has literally saved lives, allowing families below the poverty line to sustain some type of normalcy in their daily lives by being able to afford things the rest of us take for granted... like food and clothing, and toys for their children.

Walmart has been made a boogey man, I believe, because of the fact that ALL Big-box stores put small business... well, out of business, and because of Walmarts many departments, it affects more businesses than say, a PetSmart would. But that doesn't make them the devil.

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