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26 August 2005


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OK, I promise to quit saying, "Whole Paycheck," just as long as I can keep shoppping there.

Chris Clarke

GREAT post!


Well, send your extra produce to me. "Organic" produce here is wretched- looking. And damned expensive even in the regular groceries that have "organic" sections. If you have no intention of giving Whole Foods your paycheck, you eat the nasty awful stuff that at least looks like something you'd put want to put on your plate. And raid your neighbor's backyard tomato vines if you want a tomato that tastes like a tomato.


Sadly, there is nothing like Whole Paycheck here, and I miss it. I miss Vitamin Cottage even more, its cheaper cousin.

The upside is the regular supermarkets carry a lot of natural produce and free range eggs.

Wish I had enough sunny spots in my garden to grow veggies. I'm lucky to have some good flowers.

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