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23 July 2005


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I'm having a hard time finding out what is going on with SB 861. I think that it has passed in California, and it permits cities to decide whether they want BSL. If a city does implement BSL, then it can only regulate breeding and spay/neutering (not muzzling nor euthanizing for example), and the city has to compile bite statistics quarterly to send to the state veterinary. Do I have that right?

It could be a lot worse, that's for sure. The amendments on the bill help a lot. But it still boggles the mind that people don't see how stupid BSL is.


I only lasted to page three on this site - will certainly publicize it though. I have a breed rescue for pointers. Two weeks ago someone threw a pitbull puppy out in my driveway and drove away while I was petting the friendliest puppy you could imagine. He is safe with me - what a good puppy. I already had him neutered - ready to adopt, but my criteria are strict. Little Danny's foster mom is very sorry for the stupidity of uneducated people. Keep up the good work.


I looked at them all.. my own 2 are in there. One on the cover of KV vets and the other showing a friend how to shuck corn.

We are not really sorry.


i saw that sorry im a pit bull thing it made me and all my friends cry so bad it is so disgusting what people so it really is people stereotype other people and people stereotype animals the world we live in is disgusting and full of hate it really makes me sad that i have to bring my 2 kids up in this world the best i can do is keep them away from people who judge lol i wish i could put em in a bubble lol


Dang, that's heartbreaking. I'm not much of a dog person so I didn't think it'd be a big deal, but I barely made it to page 29.

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