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19 July 2005


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Don't you think you're jumping the gun a little, Christie? I'll admit I don't watch the god Jon Stewart, but I do watch Charlie Rose and I was listening last night as a trio hashed out the possibilities inherent in this choice that Bush has made. He doesn't sound so bad to me. He certainly sounds better than Scalia. Anyway, it looks as if it's going to happen and it also looks, to me, as if he's not going to be Bush's tame Supreme. Whatever. As long as he does his job to the best of his ability, and from the sound of things he is very, very intelligent and able, even if he doesn't agree with me, the expert on all things, I'll be happy with him on the Court.

Christie Keith

I don't disagree, Gil. I think if you follow some of those links I posted, you will see many of the other progressive bloggers have made that same point.

But *MY* point, about his lack of experience, still holds. Two years as a judge is not enough to be appointed for the rest of your life to the highest court in the nation.

Oh, I don't know. How much experience did the first court have? I have hopes. If he's as well regarded as I've heard he is, as brilliant, he may grow into the job very nicely. Sandra Day O'Connor seems to think he's a good choice anyway...I can live with it. The only thing that puzzles me is how Bush even let himself consider a man who seems to be acceptable to both sides on the whole.


Oops, sorry. Got carried away on a wave of rhetoric. That was me.


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