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30 July 2005


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Can I second this? I didn't brush my last dog's teeth, and she had to have an average of one pulled a year for the last several years of her life. The last time, when she was 15, we had a couple pulled at once, including a big canine tooth. She bled for days, loads of blood. I swore on her life I'd never do this to another dog, simply because brushing their teeth was a lot of bother.

My current dog loves to have her teeth brushed, because we started when she was a puppy. She sits patiently while I brush mine, and then gets her treat of a thorough brushing.

I swear she smiles afterward.

She has sweet breath, too.


I have a dog named jane, my pet dog is 3 years old, ever since I didn't bring her to pet dental clinic until lately I found out that my pet's teeth starts to rotten, and it smells bad. So I'll take her to dental clinic and the veterinary told me that my pet had a worst rotten teeth.To late to recover. I will share this to you for those who have pets, give them a proper health and dental care to keep them healthy.


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